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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Too Broke For Sturgis 2010

Too Broke for Sturgis was epic this year! Good friends, good times, great ride and laughs! 

The ride up to Mormon Lake, AZ on Friday morning was great. It was nice and cool after leaving the heat of the valley and it was clear nearly the whole way. It rained the last 40 miles, but it wasn't that bad. What was bad was freezing our asses off Friday night because us flatlanders aren't quite accustomed to the damn cooler mountain air! Some of us were drunk by 2:00 Friday afternoon and some of us were not. :) I was actually part of the latter group for once! I actually got to meet the Fryed Brothers on Friday night! I knew there was a chance to meet them so I wanted to stay sober so I'd remember it, and I also didn't want to make a complete ass of myself. :)

Friday night, there were some karaoke nutjobs in the campground. They had their karaoke BLASTING until 5:00 a.m. on Saturday! And I do mean BLASTING! It was horrible. But you don't piss off 3,000 bikers without getting some payback! At 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, about 40 or 50 bikes lined up outside the karaoke jackass's trailer and started revving the engines with their exhaust pointed at the trailer. There was a huge crowd around and everyone was cheering them on. Finally, they told said jackass that he had 30 minutes to get his shit packed up and leave or his trailer would be trashed. He got out pretty quick! I love revenge!

Saturday brought us beautiful sunny weather. It was about 80 all day...perfect. After a lovely breakfast courtesy of the Christian Motorcycle Association (BIG shout out to Brad and Patty from the CMA...they take care of us every year), Raven and I went to hit the showers. The showers are coin-operated and kind of nasty, but we needed showers. As we were waiting in the women's shower line, we kept watching the damn men's showers....it was like a revolving door! WTF? So I finally said, "Fuck this, I'm switching teams!" Raven jumped in the men's showers with me, too! We walked in and announced that we were going to shower together with the curtain closed and that there would be NO show. Sorry guys. The guy who was in the handicapped shower stall actually gave us his stall and went into the other open one so we would have some room. The two guys in there were VERY cool. They made a good point...they didn't know who our old men were, if they were M/C, wrestlers, gunslingers, etc. so they better not fuck with us. LOL! Good point! 

The other highlight of Saturday was the weenie bite. It was the big event! There were the slow races and road kill, too, but the weenie bite was the big one. I was on the back with Caveman, Raven was on the back with Hagrid, and Missy was on the back with Lucky. Missy and Lucky were first up. The rules were explained to them and they  said they understood. Off they go. Missy realizes she's not going to get the weenie so she grabs it with her hands. Then Lucky takes off. Missy does a back flip off the back of the bike! She lands on her face in front of 3000 bikers in the arena. But credit is due here because Missy jumped right up and ran to catch up with Lucky, jumped on the bike cowboy-style and off they went out of the arena! Missy's new road name: Flipper! LMFAO!

There were many good laughs Saturday night. Most will stay at Too Broke. :)  The ride home Sunday was nasty. It always feels like we're descending into the bowels of hell when coming back into the valley. It was no different this time. We all had a bit of heat stroke when we got home, but it was worth it. 

Hopefully the pics will help tell the story....

Oh yeah, and when we got home, Caveman said he can't ride a sporty anymore (because I rode the Dyna all weekend) so I bought myself a '96 Washington State Police Bike. :)