Words to Live By

Don't be afraid your life will end; be afraid it will never begin.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sorry - I've Been A Sicky

Went to the doc on Monday, and have been on anti-biotics, cough medicine and painkillers that knock me out ever since. I should have some new material by Friday. Going back to bed now. Here's a link to my friend V's blog for some pics from Saturday night. Enjoy! Hope you all have a great week.

Monday, January 28, 2008

26 Years of Friendship

The weekend was great. Visiting with my BFF Donna was fabulous! We figured out that we've been friends for 26 years. There was a question of what year we met, but I called my Mom to clear it up - I was mistaken, and I freely admit it! Wait, I've been around long enough to have a friend for 26 years??? WTF? Yeah, we both felt that way. Had some friends over Saturday night, drank some beer, played some pool. Got shot in the ass with a fire extinguisher and broke a pool cue. Good times! (I will update with pictures soon.) Took the kids to Castles N' Coasters, and they rode every ride there...and probably rode the big roller coaster about 8 or 9 times! Sunday, we were off to Dave & Buster's, where the kids played all the games for hours. I got my lunch spilled on me by a waiter, (grilled chicken nachos) and they took $20 off our bill. All in all, a great weekend spent with a great friend who I miss dearly. Saying goodbye still sucks!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

And For the Weekend...

It's funny how some just won't comment on my non-PC posts. That's ok, though, here's some lighter fare. I won't be online all weekend, including tomorrow, as my BFF Donna is coming to visit! I'll post pics from our weekend adventures next week. For now, though, here is a list of a few of my favorite songs. I'd like to see how many of you can name the bands/groups/persons that sing them. Good luck!
  1. Free Bird
  2. Feel Like Makin' Love
  3. Lay Down Sally
  4. Toys in the Attic
  5. Jailbreak
  6. Give it to Me
  7. Moondance
  8. Domino
  9. Midnight Rider
  10. Good Times Bad Times
  11. The Story in Your Eyes
  12. Fade to Black

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Día de San Valentín feliz??

This is going to be a very un-PC post. You have been warned.

I was at my local Wal-Mart a few nights ago, looking for 'green slime' for Vicki's bicycle tires. We found the slime and a combination lock so she can ride to school. On the way to the check-out, however, I was delighted to see a display of red and white bears for Valentine's Day. I love these silly little bears! Here's the problem: not one of them was printed in English! They were all printed in Spanish! Arrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!! I could not find any bears that simply said, "I love you" or "Happy Valentine's Day". Instead, this is what I found:

and this:

I had them translated, too, for those of us who didn't feel the need to take Spanish class in high school. The first one says, "I love you" and the second one: "Kisses and hugs". So, if you decide to buy a Spanish love bear, at least you now have the translation.
Apparently I have to seek out the English-speaking Valentine's day display at Wally's, now. When will it end? Press 1 for English, seek out english-printed bears in the store, hablamos espanol????? I know some will say that I shouldn't live in Arizona if I feel this way, but I hate to tell you poor misdirected souls...it's not just in the southwest! It's the same thing throughout the whole country!
Oh, but I'm sure our next President will fix that. Yeah, right!

OK...I'm off my soapbox now. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Saying Goodbye Sucks

Last night, Vicki and I met my friend Tanya and her girls Katelyn and Kacie at McDonald's to say goodbye. They are moving back to Massachusetts at the end of this week.

Tanya and Steve moved out here about two months after we did, almost 8 years ago. We didn't know each other back east, but before I left, I was working with a good friend of hers. Once Tanya moved out here, we had many days of hanging out at my house, at the pool, or taking the kids to McDonald's to play. Going to White Tanks to BBQ, playing pool in her garage, passing out in her bed next to Steve (long story), and driving around looking for a Dunkin' Donuts; all great memories!

Saying goodbye sucks, so I won't say it. I'll say "See you soon" or "See you later" or "See you in the summer", but I will not say goodbye.

Don't forget your friends out west! You will be missed! Have a safe trip! Love ya!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ALS Walk Update

Friday and Saturday were very emotionally charged days for me. Friday was the 3-year-anniversary of my Dad's passing, and Saturday was the ALS walk. The walk was great, even though it was chilly. Thanks to everyone who supported me in the walk - it really means a lot to me.

Craigslist Update

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but the guy who wanted my wedding gown was a no-call/no-show. And just when I figured out how to get pics of him in it! Damn!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wish Me Luck!

My Walk to Defeat ALS is tomorrow morning. We'll be walking in very cold temps for Phoenix! Wish me luck!


I posted an ad on Craigslist to sell my old wedding gown. I got a reply asking if I minded a guy trying it on. I replied, "No, I don't mind as long as you're serious." Why would I care? I need the space/money, and he obviously needs a wedding gown! Everybody's happy, right? We'll see how it goes. He is supposed to come over tonight. I can hardly wait to tell Big D! :o) I will try to update this post over the weekend to give you the end result!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who'd a Thunk It?

One of my most favorite people (other than Jane - in the background) pictured with one of my very, very least favorite people...and their shirts are almost the same!!!

Vicki's Room: The Cleaning

Over the weekend, I helped Vicki clean and organize her bedroom. I agreed to do this because it was a complete disaster area (see BEFORE pic) and I told her that if I helped her do it, she would be required to keep it clean going forward. So far, she's kept up her end of the bargain. We'll see what this weekend brings.

It took two large trash bags to get rid of all the accumulated crap, but we did it. Some random things I found, that I didn't realize were missing:
  • a saucepan (still don't know how it ended up in her room)
  • several spoons, small plates, and cups
  • 7 pairs of socks - some of them brand new (these were found in the toy box)
  • 3 bath towels, 2 wash cloths, and 2 hand towels (also in the toy box)
If this were like spam, Vicki would be a wet (or very dry) sockless person who is ready to cook and serve tea and soup! :o)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Celly Pics On The Fly: The Smiley Van

A few days ago on my commute home (a.k.a. The Grand Avenue Shuffle) I noticed this mini-van (how could I not?) and I decided to practice my 'on-the-fly' picture taking skills. Now, I realize that I need practice, but I don't think they're too bad. They're not Champ-level photos, by any means, but they're ok.

The only thing you can't really see is the license plate which was SMILIES. I'm pretty sure she was suffering from a recent nervous breakdown and decided that she needed more smilies in her life. So, she started with her stark-white mini-van, a good canvas!
I think when I have my nervous breakdown (and it's coming!) my license plate will read: XANAX. And LOTS of smilies all over my car! :o)

The Valley Metro Bus Book Photo Shoot

Back in November, I was invited by Valley Metro to a photo shoot for the 2008 Bus Book. While there, we basically either sat on a bus, or sat waiting for a bus. They brought in sandwich platters, which was nice, as the photo shoot was 4-7 p.m. They also gave everyone a $10 Starbuck's card for volunteering. (I used mine for hot chocolate, the only thing I can tolerate at Starbuck's.)

The end result: See for yourself. Can you find me in the pics? :o)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Vicki Says

Here are some nuggets of wisdom from my 9-year-old daughter: On motorcycles: If they're so much smaller than cars, why are they so expensive? On her Dad's long beard: I hate it! (I personally love it, BTW) On her nephews-to-be this year: I can't wait to be an aunt! On her bicycle: Brakes are dumb. (this actually frightens me, just a bit!) On 1% milk: Ewwww! Why don't we switch back to 2% milk? And... Don't say fat...it makes me think of nasty things! (We just switched from 2% to 1%, and I was explaining what the difference was between the two.) The worst: Vicki tells everyone that Daddy lost his job just after Christmas. (I hate getting those looks from people like they're going to recommend me to the nearest homeless shelter, or something.) The best: Vicki tells everyone that when Daddy returned his uniforms to work, he brought our dog, Rascal, with him. And Rascal peed on the leg of the boss's desk! The boss wasn't in that day, though. Rascal got extra treats that day!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Olan Mills: The Good, The Bad, and Mostly, The Ugly

I had someone comment that I haven't been blogging enough, or something to that effect. Sorry everyone! My mood has been nasty lately, and I'm sure most of you wouldn't appreciate the items that I was thinking of posting!

So, instead of venting my frustrations, I have something funny that I received in an email. I hope you all enjoy. I hope to be in a better mood soon. And I know this post is a bit long...but it's funny. So if you don't like long posts...don't bother! ;o)

Actual Olan Mills Photos

She's looking for the speaker that's piping in "Muskrat Love" so she can blast it with her laser eyes.

B-52's, the early years.

Nothing says 1973 quite like denim and helmet hair

I got a $20 that says he drives a Camaro.

Kenneth and his prom date

Patrick broke ranks and chose drag over the bow tie

Olan Mills is all about versatility. The simple addition of a column turns this generic plantation into Tara, where, apparently, someone opened a Hair Cuttery. (This Dorothy Hamill cut was very popular in 70's after Dorothy won Olympic gold. Both my sisters had the cut at different times. I did not).

The Library might be more believable if the shelves weren't sloping downhill!

This photo isn't discolored. The 70s really were that Orange.

Dawn and her recently exhumed sister, Gorgotha, pose with Scraps.

Just a typical afternoon down on the plantation. In a business suit. Y'know, for a budget meeting with the slaves.

Bobbi isn't the first waitress to fall for her manager, but she and Dale both got fired from Shoney's.

Oh, this is super. What better way to capture the charm and innocence of a child than to plunk him down amid the coarse trappings of a life lived in pursuit of wealth -- oversized bills, an adding machine and the Wall Street Journal -- and make him sit inside a briefcase? (They probably just fold up the little demon right in there to carry him home.) The finishing touch is the globe, which completes the portrait of the young Antichrist in Chess King vest and Red Goose loafers, plotting his takeover of the world (insert maniacal laugh). That is, as soon as someone changes his poopy diaper.

Olan Mills backdrop #4: Bucolic Meadow with Split Rail Fence. Is that an animal carcass behind her?

Once they had two or three, how did they ever find enough time alone to make more?

It's called a leisure suit, ladies and germs, and if you didn't have one in the early 70s, you were a big fat loser. And if you still own and wear one now...you're still a big fat loser!

The Purvis family made several stops along the Oregon Trail to document their six-month journey. This photo was taken just two weeks before the dysentery took Momma to Jesus.

That dude wore a tie for nothing.

Drake won Bitchin'est Senior Mullet by a landslide

Thoughtful Lance. Mirthful Lance. Two sides of a delightful coin.

Those glasses came free with a purchase of Brut cologne

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Stand Corrected!

This morning I said, "Good morning, how are you?" to an unsuspecting person, and they replied, "It's Thursday." WTF? This reply silenced me...and that doesn't happen very often! In my post in July, I felt pretty safe in saying that this was just a phenomenon that was unique to Fridays. Now, I stand corrected. This person felt that I needed to know it was Thursday. Not sure why that's a good thing. Maybe he has tomorrow off, and he's starting his weekend early. But it didn't sound that way. It sounded like he was trying to tell me that we have all day today and tomorrow left to work, and he wasn't really that excited about it. So, apparently this now applies to any day of the week. Back to the drawing board. :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Meanest Mom On The Planet?

Another story that caught my eye today can be found here. Meanest Mom on the Planet? I think not! Kudos to her! If that was one of my kids, I would have done the same exact thing! It's quite refreshing to hear about a parent who's actually being a parent to their kids, and not trying to be a friend to them! Just a side note: did anyone notice the 'kid' is 19? While I realize that it's not the legal drinking age, and still under 25 (see Ruth Anne's Generation Next blog), he is 19 years old! Why is she buying him a car???

Personal Safety And The MP3 Player

Sound interesting? Today's required reading comes from the Arizona Republic. A leopard print taser, for your personal safety, and a holster which includes a 1GB MP3 player for your listening pleasure. Hmm...interesting. The only possible reason for this that I can think of is, people who are "rocking out" to their MP3 player are more susceptible to being attacked as they are usually not paying attention. So, enter the handy-dandy taser to deliver 50,000 volts of electricity from up to 15 feet away. But not in DC, MA, RI, NY, NJ, WI, MI & HI...they're not legal in those states! I wonder if the music industry is in on this holster idea. Maybe if you're caught downloading music illegally, you will be tased? Now that would be innovative!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Spam, Anyone?

I decided to empty my Spam folder in Gmail today. I only do this once every two or three weeks. First let me say, that I hate spam and have never opened a message in my spam folder.
I looked up Spam on Wikipedia, and to my surprise there are several definitions:

Spam (Monty Python), a Monty Python comedy sketch. The "Spam" in the sketch refers specifically to the meat. Most later uses of "spam" refer in one way or another to undesirable repetition, and this sketch is considered to be the most likely source of such uses of the term.

Spam (electronic), unsolicited or undesired bulk electronic messages. There are many types of electronic spam, including:

E-mail spam, unsolicited e-mail.
Mobile phone spam, unsolicited text messages.
Forum spam, posting advertisements or useless posts on a forum.
Spamdexing, manipulating a search engine to create the illusion of popularity for webpages.
Spam in blogs, posting random comments or promoting commercial services to blogs, wikis, guestbooks.
Newsgroup spam, advertisement and forgery on newsgroups.
Messaging spam ("SPIM"), use of instant messenger services for advertisement or even extortion.
Spam (computer game), to repeatedly use one weapon or tactic. This term is based on the technological meaning of undesired bulk electronic message.

Flyposting ("street spam"), illegal blanket advertising in public places.

Spam (song) can also refer to a song by "Weird Al" Yankovic. Unlike the other uses here, the song has no connection to either the earlier Monty Python sketch nor to the electronic uses of the term that came about afterwards. The song is a parody of Stand by R.E.M.
Who knew? I don't think I've ever heard the Weird Al song. And I think that's just too many uses of the word Spam. Street spam? Really? Who uses this???

According to the messages in my spam folder:

  • My diet isn't working
  • I'm not making enough money (this might be worth a look, no?)
  • I have what it takes to be a mystery shopper
  • I am in desperate need of Viagra (45 emails on this topic)
  • I have won 6 new laptops, 2 iphones, 4 ipods, and some gift cards
  • I need more credit
  • I need a scholarship (though I'm not attending any classes)
  • My healthcare rates are too high (I'm not arguing)
  • I need to hook up with some Latin singles

Now, if you went by my spam folder, I'm a fat, poor, single, creditless man with ED and insurance rates that are too high. I am qualified to be a mystery shopper, and I'm in desperate need of a scholarship! WTF?!

I hate spam!

Monday, January 7, 2008

It's Another Boy!!!

I got an early-morning phone call from our son, Rex in Japan. The time zones are so different, we usually hear from him very late at night or very early in the morning. Today's call was at 5:30 a.m. He called to tell me that his beautiful wife Deja has just found out that they will be having a boy! This means I will have two grandsons this year! Little Jayden in VA and little "not-named-yet" in Japan! Vicki's name suggestions were as follows: Rexxy, Jr. and Rex-alicious! I will update the blog with the name as soon as I get it!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Please Help Me

My Dad, my hero.
You may have read my post in November regarding the Walk to D'Feet ALS. Well, the walk is 2 weeks from tomorrow, and I've only reached 53% of my goal!

I am walking in memory of my Dad, George Studley, who lost his battle with ALS in 2005. I walk each year to remember Dad, and to raise funds in support of nationally driven cutting-edge ALS research and community-based patient services programs. This is the eighth year of the Walk to D'Feet ALS, and in that time they have raised $50 million!

If you can donate, I would appreciate it. Even $10 would help. You can click here to donate.

If you already have donated, I'd like to thank you, once again, for helping me to reach my goal.

Wondering What The Weekend Will Bring

This weekend, Vicki is going up to Williams to play in the snow with my girlfriend and her kids. She is leaving today and coming back on Sunday. We got her some new snow boots last night, and she is very excited. Big D and I are also excited! :o) A weekend without a child at home is a rare jewel, indeed. I believe we're going out to dinner tonight, with our Olive Garden gift card from Sam and Rodrigo. Tomorrow, we're going to head out to the grand re-opening of Western Trails Ranch in Morristown. I'm so happy they decided ot re-open..this place is a lot of fun! I hope the weather holds, because we'll be on the bike. (and I will be wearing my hot new chaps!) Sunday will be dedicated to cleaning, doing laundry and preparing for Vicki's first day back to school after winter break. I will need the entire day for this. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Strange Laws

Here are some strange laws I found from various online sources. Some of them I know to be true. Most are absurd. All of them are funny. Virginia may be for lovers, but West Virginia is for meat lovers. Officials in the Mountain State have deemed it perfectly legal for anyone to scavenge road kill. The original Road Kill Cafe is in WV, I think. In Scituate, Rhode Island, it is illegal to drive with beer in your vehicle even if it is unopened. So, in other words, if you’re a beer delivery driver you’re screwed. In Topeka, Kansas, it is unlawful to transport dead poultry along Kansas Avenue. The lesson here: look elsewhere for a KFC. No need to get your Lexus Sport Luxury Sedan painted blaze orange. Hunting from cars in Connecticut is illegal, even during deer season. In Alaska it is illegal to look at a moose from the window of an airplane or any other flying vehicle. Those moose are so private! Every citizen of Kentucky is required by law to take a bath once a year. It's scary that there needed to be a law stating this at one time! In San Salvador drunk drivers are punished by death before a firing squad. I think Sheriff Joe is trying to get this law passed in Maricopa County. Impotence is grounds for divorce in twenty-four states in the United States. Why not all 50? In Miami, it is forbidden to imitate an animal. No charades games there, I'm guessing. In Virginia, the Code of 1930 has a statute which prohibits corrupt practices or bribery by any person other than political candidates. I'm pretty sure this statute was expanded to the whole country shortly thereafter. In Washington State, you can't carry a concealed weapon that is over 6 feet in length. I think the key word here is concealed. In Phoenix, Arizona, you can't walk through a hotel lobby with spurs on. Damn! In Massachusetts: It is illegal to give beer to hospital patients. Do martinis served in a large thermos count, I wonder?! At a wake, mourners may eat no more than three sandwiches. So if they're hungry they should hit a Subway before the memorial services? Snoring is prohibited unless all bedroom windows are closed and securely locked. My dad broke this one all the time! All men must carry a rifle to church on Sunday. WTF? Hunting on Sundays is prohibited. Then why bring the rifle to church??? Tattooing and body piercing is illegal. This law was actually repealed just a few years back. When I got my first tattoo, I had to go to Rhode Island to get it. Tomatoes may not be used in the production of clam chowder. As it should be!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Swimming in Cape Cod Bay on 1/1? Not So Much!

Here is today's reading. I know it's for a good cause, but honestly...that water can be cold in July! I cannot imagine how cold it is on January 1!! Hello?! Good for the Polar Bear Club...God bless them every one! I hope they had nice warm towels waiting for them!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hello 2008!

Happy New Year, everyone! I have great expectations for 2008, I think it's going to be a great year. It started out great, as we had a few friends over to help us bring in the new year together. It was the perfect mix of new friends and old. What a great time. I didn't know if we were going to do anything, as Big D lost his job last week. I was a little upset, but now look at this as a fresh start. We know the company wasn't going to back him up on anything, and he was going to leave them anyway, so it just happened a little sooner than we had anticipated. Some highlights of the evening were: * Julie learning how to play pool * Ted doing his 'grinding' thing * Roger, Debbie and Wayne actually showing up! * "Who sprayed the fire extinguisher on his ass?!" And now for the lowlights: * Coming back from the store to find Julie and Kramer looking for Rolaids * People stepping on poor Spotsy * Finding the bottle of JD empty, and knowing exactly what that meant * Finding out who sprayed the fire extinguisher on his ass Yes, it was a great party. Please don't ask about the fire extinguisher. I think it's enough to say that my parties are always fun, and usually very entertaining, as well! Here we go, 2008. I hope you're a better year than 2007!