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Friday, November 14, 2008

Why We Live In Arizona

For all my friends who live in cold-weather areas, I feel for you. It gets cold, rainy, snowy, and nasty in the winter.
When we lived in Massachusetts, I can remember waking up in the winter after a night of snow to see if the landlord had plowed the driveway yet, or if I was going to have to just drive through the snow to get out and go to work.
I drove a '68 Chevy for a few years, and I remember sliding around on the ice in the winter...not fun.
Slush makes everything look dirty. It's always COLD. The kids get all bundled up to play in the snow; it takes about 20 minutes to get them all bundled up and as soon as they hit that cold air, they have to pee. So the undressing, and then the re-bundling begins. It's a nasty cycle.
And most importantly: no riding the motorcycle in the winter. Ugh!
So, this morning when I saw the 7-day forecast, I just had to take a picture for my cold-weather friends.

Yes, we live in paradise! ;)


Mike said...

I think the thing I hate the most about winter in Michigan is that it is always gray. Honestly, we go for weeks on end in the winter without even a peek at the sun.

Along about February, it really starts to get to me.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Aah yes, but please keep in mind for those of us acclimated to winter, most of us hate extreme heat. For the few months we can't ride due to snow, If we lived in Arizona, there would be equally a few months we would not want to ride because of extreme heat. Bikes run like Sh*t anyway when it's hot. Personally, anything over 90 degrees F is too F'n hot for me. I'd rather be inside in the air conditioning. Please don't tell me, "yeah, but it's a dry heat.", So is a toaster. It's still hot and uncomfortable. The wind doesn't even cool you when riding. It feels like a hair dryer blasting you on high heat.

I guess with different opinions on hot vs. cold that's why people choose to live where they do.

Find me the most comfortable Temps. and weather all year round, and let me know how to afford to live there. They do exist, but way too spendy for my wallet. I'd have to sell a bunch of stuff including my Harley to even think about living there. That money would last a year at best. Besides without the Harley, what would be the point?

Regarding your perfect weather forecast coming up, you suck. LOL! I am jealous for now anyway.) Hope you get to enjoy it. For the next few months, I'll try my best to live vicariously through you.

"Joker" said...

Yeah, I'm jealous as hell; I admit it!

Hey, it's all good until you find a scorpion in your shoe, right?

Oh, and that part about bundling the kids in the winter...loved it. Yes, either they have to pee, or they come back in soaking wet after 10 minutes and want you to take all of it off. Not looking forward to that!

Dean "D-Day" said...

OUCH! That hurts!
Why don't you just kick me in the nads while you're at it.

That's the reason right there that I've given some thought to moving southwest.

mrs rc said...

Yeah, you suck! (just kidding)
Here's our 10-day....
Fri: 59/54 cloudy
Sat: 63/43 thunderstorms
Sun: 48/35 windy, cloudy
Mon: 48/35 mostly sunny
Tue: 37/26 snow showers
Wed: 43/30 mostly sunny
Thu: 47/32 partly cloudy
Fri: 41/30 rain/snow shwrs
Sat: 45/34 sunny
Sun: 51/36 sunny

I suppose it could be worse. There are a few salvageable days. But the most annoying part is it is so different from one day to the next! Craziness, I tell you...

Paula said...

Bite me.

Paula said...

Did I say that out loud?

B.B. said...

Whoo hoo! We are supposed to have highs in the 80's this weekend, but our lows are a little colder than yours. Oh well, as long as we only go out in the middle of the day it will be perfect. :)

Queen B said...

nice :) I so enjoyed the nearly year-round convertible/motorcycle weather in Phoenix

Kim Thomas said...

I wish I lived somewhere a little colder than Southern California during the winter but not that cold!

Ann said...

Mike: Yup, I don't miss the gray days at all. Cabin fever gets very ugly!

Mr. M: I, too was acclimated to cold weather. I lived in Mass for most of my life. It was a huge adjustment to AZ's summer temps for the first 2 years. But the worst of it is June - August. I'll take that over freezing my ass off November - April!

I will do my best to allow you to live vicariously through your cold and nasty winter! :)

Joker: I have actually been stung by a scorpion...it was on my bathroom floor in the first house we had out here. Not a pleasant experience. That being said, It's all worth it.

Dean: Sorry for the kick! ;) If you ever come to the southwest, let us know and we'll be your tour guides. We'd love to have you out here!

Mrs. RC: I do not miss the varying temps from one day to the next! One day it's 30, the next it's 55. I think that's the reason I caught the flu twice in one winter.

Paula: I think that was a quiet thought! :)

BB: Amen Sister! It's chilly here at night, so we have to get our leathers on and bundle up, but it's still beautiful during the day!

QB: TX isn't that bad, is it? :)

Kim: Perhaps a move to Northern Cali would do it for you? :)

Jen said...

The best part about living in DC/Maryland is that when it snows, it's MORE dangerous to drive than it was to drive in Boston when it snowed. People do not know how to deal w/ a few flakes here. Someone told me it had something to do w/ the type of asphalt we brew here, but i think that's a bit of bullshit. Driving in a blizzard in Massachusetts was more safe than driving in a flurry in DC any day.

That said, I like mild cold, seasons, the fall, Thanksgiving when it's chilly and the smell of the first snow (also the quiet in the air prior to the snowfall). Humidity? Not so much.

TRT said...

Probably depends what area of TX you live in, not too bad here in DFW. I can ride most of the year without problem. I went out last weekend when it was 48 degrees and sunny. A jacket, chaps, and gloves and all was well.

Diane said...

I love the weather in Phoenix! It was in the 90's yesterday in Pasadena.

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