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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hey, Anyone Ever Heard of This?

I was browsing the interwebs the other day and found this website. It looks good, but will it work? I've just about lost hope for this country, and I'm wondering if maybe this could be a solution. Any comments, opinions, feedback or education would be appreciated. I'd hate to move my family to Fiji, but it's looking like reality more and more every day.


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know if it would work, but most days, I wouldn't mind moving to Fiji.

John Evans said...

It's been suggested before. That's no reason to try even harder.

My concern is the voters who -- through ignorance, apathy, whatever -- have allowed these long-time office holders to stay in power. The decline of political and historical knowledge of the average person has something to do with it, maybe.

Here in California, high school grads can't tell you when the Civil War occurred. We've been dumbed down, educationally and culturally, and we need to get on our hind legs and correct this.

John Evans said...

I've seen these approaches -- voting out all office holders -- for years. Nothing's ever come of 'em. And who's to say whether it would do any good?

Maybe the country gets the office holders it deserves. Not what you deserve, and not what I deserve, and not what our like-minded friends deserve . . . I'm talking about the country as a whole.

Looking around me at the people here in my corner of California, and observing what's important and not important in their eyes, I'm thinking, Fiji might be a good idea.

mq01 said...

OOOOOOOH! how did i miss this?!?... hmmm, im checking it out now too. kick 'em all out!