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Saturday, October 12, 2013

VikingCycle Cruise Motorcycle Jacket for Women

Arizona summers are notoriously hot. The winters are absolutely beautiful. But did you know that the dry desert air makes for a really chilly night in the winter months? A good leather jacket is the key to staying warm. A zip-out liner that is EASY to zip-out, and extra room for wearing layers are important. I've had many leather jackets. I usually end up fighting with the zippers, or the liner. Then there is the issue of fitting your layers under it. I have finally found the perfect leather jacket for my riding adventures this winter!

Quality leather, strong zippers, beautiful braided accents, and slightly fitted. These are the words I would use to describe the VikingCycle Cruise Motorcycle Jacket for Women. Aside from that, the zip out liner is incredible. Very easy to zip in and out, unlike some other jackets I've had that can be very difficult to remove and replace the liner.

I highly recommend this jacket. It runs true to size, leaves plenty of room to wear your layers underneath, it is comfortable, and ships very quickly. Added bonus: it features deep inside pockets on both sides. Very handy for carrying all my stuff!

So if you'd like to get yourself one of these great jackets, I suggest heading over to http://www.motorcyclehouse.com/vikingcycle-cruise-braided-black-leather-motorcycle-jacket-for-women.htm and pick one up.


KT Did said...

Leather is you girl!

Kimberly@ Three Haute Mamas said...

Love it Ann!

Webster World said...

Just like my first Brooks jacket. I was like 10.

hami jam said...

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