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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Introducing: Kramer

I thought I posted this yesterday, but for some reason it didn't post. Kramer is our neighbor that lives 2 doors down. He will be blogged about often, so I thought I should introduce him. A few quick facts about Kramer: He has too many vehicles (just ask the City of Peoria) He has some neighbor-relation issues He doesn't care what others think - to an extreme He is NEVER late for dinner He has become a very good friend to us For those of you that know Corey; Kramer has become something of our Corey in Arizona. He also takes Corey's place at our dinner table most nights. That's ok, except some nights he argues with Vicki and it feels like we have Eric & Sam (oil & water) living with us again! Kramer, you are a good friend, so don't take offense to anything I may say or write. It's just my normal sarcasm; nothing more, nothing less.

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