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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BACA Clothing Drive

If you happen to be in Phoenix on December 19th or 20th, BACA is holding a clothing drive to benefit the West Valley Child Crisis Center. It's a great center that provides shelter for children who have been removed from their homes by Child Protective Services.
Here is the flyer:

If you want an actual copy of the flyer, I'll be happy to send one to you. :)


B.B. said...

I wish I was going to be in Phoenix. :) Hope they have a great turnout.

Dean "D-Day" said...

That is so awesome. It sounds like your group does a lot of great events. I get involved in a few charity/community events myself. What you give is so small compared to what you get back.

Paula said...

mmm...wish I lived nearby...I'me in the process of cleaning out the kids closets/drawers

Agent DragonFly said...

I wish I would be there....There a few articles still in my closet I could get rid of, but they do need to be replaced.....perhaps I, too, need a clothing drive

One Harley Rider said...

I would love to be in AZ in December!!!! Read your profile and saw you are a James Patterson Fan - Wow me too!!!!! I am a full growed man but I loved the Maximun Ride Series - Read all 4 of them and 2 others that were loosely based on the charactors. Dont tell anyone please. Just finished SAIL. Not bad. I love the short chapters - makes me think I am accomplishing something.

KT Did said...

BACA is so good for the kids. Glad to hear you are one of them.We need more people like you!