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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Christmas Story

Today, I asked Big D to get our Christmas tree out of the shed. That's where we store it. It's in these big rubbermaid containers. Sealed. No prob, right? Well, it hasn't been for the last 8 years...until now.
He did like a good hubby and got it out for me. After dinner, I cleared 'the spot' for the tree. Then I opened the first container. No issues, just metal branches with plastic greenery. All grouped together by letter.
Then I opened the large container, which has the base in it. I started taking out the larger groups of branches that are on top of everything....no issue. Then, I smell something weird. Then I pull out the base, and notice that it's wet. Condensation? Maybe. It did rain a few days ago.
Then I take out more groups of branches...and they are soaked. Big issue. There is about 2-3 inches of water in the bottom of the container. Rusty, smelly water. WTF???
I have put the tree in the back yard to dry out tomorrow. (God bless living in Arizona!) If the smell doesn't go away, we will be forced to buy a new tree. Just when I didn't need to spend any more money, I have to spend more money.
The upside to this is that we've had this tree for 10 years. It's not exactly a Charlie Brown tree, but it has definitely seen better days. I would be more upset if I bought the tree last year.
Anyone know where I can get a good deal on a fake tree?


IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

I would say Walmart or Hobby Lobby would be a great place to go. That really stinks. I'm sorry Ann!

Road Captain said...

You can get a great tree over here at www.shop.roadcaptainusa.com and christmas ornaments too! Just joking! Good luck replacing the tree!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Well that sucks! WTF? Did you figure out how the water got in?

Paula said...

That is awful? I wonder how that happened!! Good luck! I'd try Walmart or Sam's/costco I guess

Lady Ridesalot said...

Hope your forest dries out okay. If not, Steph was right with Hobby Lobby or Walmart. Sometimes, Lowes and Home Depot will have good buys before Christmas, and I have a friend here who found a really nice one at a Dollar Store. Gotta go shopp'in! Good Luck!

Queen B said...

ugh...not good! Hope it loses the stink :) I'm perplexed by the 2-3 inches of water...it doesn't even rain that much in a year in AZ, does it??

Andrea said...

I'm curious to know how the water got in there as well. I think you'll need to have an addendum to the story.

I couldn't tell you where to get a tree. The last time I had one was a live Ponderosa pine that I wrapped the base in a quilt, thinking it would be all cute, country Christmasy. The quilt soaked up all the water and mildewed and the tree dried up almost completely due to the lack of water. It was at that point that I gave all my ornaments to my Mom and decided to not try my hand at decorating again.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find an email address to let you know directly, but your blog has been added to Clutch and Chrome Blog Directory!!

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B.B. said...

Sorry, that sucks. If you have Michaels I would try there.

FLHX_Dave said...

I think you guys should just keep the tree and make it a version of a rat bike, except this would be a rat tree! Get rid of the smell by spraying WD-40 or old engine oil on it to give it that biker holiday smell and protect it from further moisture. Then make ornaments out of old bike parts. (I'm sure BigD has some lying around.) That would be awesome!! Top it off with a lit HD bar and shield.

I would say go to walmart and all too, but the last person who tried that got trampled to death. Holy shit! I just had a thought...

Maybe we should propose a law that requires everyone to wear a helmet on black friday!

Ann said...

Thanks, everyone for all your suggestions on where to get a tree. That will be my shopping goal this weekend.

I still have no idea how the water got in there. I think it's sabotage. :)

How cool is it that I've been added to the Clutch and Chrome Blog Directory?! Awesome!

Ann said...

BTW...Dave: no rat trees here. Rat bikes, yes; rat trees, no f'ing way!

Helmet law for black Friday...LMFAO! Good idea! ;)

B.B. said...

Congrats on Clutch & Chrome girl!

Kim Thomas said...

This sucks! We always get a real tree though (From Home Depot usually)

fasthair said...

Ms. Ann: Your tree sounds like something Charlie Brown would have.

I got an email from C&C this week also that they added me to their list of blogs. Which is cool I guess. Everyone here seems to hold this place in high regards so I will have to rethink about adding a link to them. But I have to wonder how they found them though. My guess is from going through everyone’s blog roll which is even more of a reason to have one it appears.

Of course I had to get them to correct the spelling of my name. Its fasthair, all one word. Fast Hair is a hair growth product. Google it if you know anyone who needs some :)