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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend Update

So we had somewhat of a busy weekend. Or, we had a busy Saturday, anyway. Saturday morning, I had a meeting with my learning team at 8:00 a.m. Yes, I was on time. I got home from that meeting just before 10:00 a.m. On the way to that meeting, I lost my hubcap while getting on the freeway, so now my car looks ghetto. It's lovely. When I got home, I had to get ready for the BACA meeting. And I was bummed out because we had to take my 3-hub-cap ride to the meeting. The meeting was good, actually it was one of our better ones. And, we met Arizona Harley Dude and Louise at the meeting! :) He had left a comment on my post about Big D being published that we should meet for a celebratory drink sometime. So we emailed and called, and I suggested he come to the meeting. I didn't have my camera, so sorry for the absence of pics. :( Big D and I had much to do after the meeting, so we did not get to have our celebratory drink with them. But we agreed to do this soon. They were very cool and it was so cool to meet a fellow blogger! Oh, and the sidecar really is awesome! When we got home from our meeting, and after-meeting business, we discovered that the mailman had been to the house to deliver Big D's part for the bike, but wouldn't let Vicki sign for it, because she's not 18. Big D immediately got in the car and chased down said mailman to get his part! And he got it! So Annabelle is back together, but there are just a few things he needs to adjust, and then he'll do a very thorough once-over before he hits the streets with her. While Big D was chasing down the mailman and then fixing the bike, we had some friends come over from the BACA meeting and they ended up staying all afternoon, then went to get their kids and brought them back for dinner, then we played Apples to Apples all night. Two cases of beer and 2 lbs of pasta later, they decided it was time to get on home. Since it was raining, Sticks decided to leave the big yellow Indian in our garage and ride home in the cage with the wife and kids. The big yellow Indian kicks ass. I'll try to post a picture later. :) As you can imagine, I didn't do much all day on Sunday. I napped in the rocking chair, and vegged out. Then did homework on Sunday night. I hope everyone had a great weekend. :)


Willy D said...

Looks like you’ll get to ride this weekend. What’s wrong with a ghetto car? Park it anywhere, no one touches it.

Baron's Life said...

Riding in a 3 hubed cage...I mean where do you get off...really...!
Glad you had fun Saturday and all's well that ends well since the part is in and Annabelle is ready to go..
Looking forward t some pictures.

"Joker" said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! Glad you met AHD and you must've been ticked you didn't have your camera. I know I would've been! Even better to hear Annabelle is whole again. LOL on the drinking! Is Apples to Apples like an AZ version of Quarters?

I wanna see the Indian!!!

Oh, and don't worry about your ghetto cage. I'm sure Big D can find another hub cap for it either free or just a few bucks :)

Dean "D-Day" said...

Weekends are always good.
BTW...you can't mention a kick-ass Indian and then not post a picture!

Allen Madding said...

pull off the other three hubcaps and people will just assume you are from Ohio.

Glad the bike is back together :)


Paula said...

Yeah that the bike is operating once again! Now, come get me out the s#!) my children are creating! All 3 have a stomach virus. My house will smell like an outhouse for a month at this rate!

Arizona Harley Dude said...

It was great to meet you and Big D and we do need to go have that drink. This has been a busy week, with conferences, and I didn't get a chance to post yet, but I did start one. I hope to get the post finished wednesday morning.

PS: The Buick didn't look all that bad with the missing hubcap. It was barely noticable with that one black wheel.(;

-Connie said...

Sounds like a good weekend even though you didn't get to ride. I'm glad to her Annabelle is whole again. And I'm glad to hear more people like apples to apples. I love that game!! I hope the weather clears up this weekend and you get out and ride!!

Oh and I love the new pic at the top of your blog!! :)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Yeah, WTF is Apples to Apples anyway?

Glad you had a good weekend, and the bike will be rolling again soon.

Ann said...

Willy D: Nope, no riding. Rainy and the bike still isn't finished. I hate driving a ghetto car!

Baron's: Yeah, well...Annabelle isn't quite ready to go yet. But thanks.

Joker: I was pissed that I didn't have my camera. Next time. No...I'm going to post something on Apples to Apples soon, though.

I will post pics of the Indian, too. And to date: no hub cap.

Allen: Yeah, either Ohio or Boston!

Paula: I spoke too soon, the bike is still having issues. I'm sorry your house smells like that. Try Febreeze. :)

AHD: It was awesome meeting you. We'll do that drink soon, I hope.
Yeah, one black wheel...ghetto.

Connie: It was a good weekend. I'm glad someone else has heard of Apples to Apples! Thanks...we love that pic, too.

MR M: I am going to post something on Apples to Apples soon. I can't believe this is stumping people!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Ditto on the Apples to Apples. What is it? It's a drag to hear about Annabelle, but awesome you hooked up with Arizona Harley Dude. I'm looking forward to your post of the Indian too. So much to do, so little time! ;)

Ann said...

LadyR: There are pics of the Indian on Big D's blog now. :)

Queen B said...

love apples to apples (and beer, and pasta...)

lmao @ my mental pic of mailman not letting Vicki sign for part --> Big D having to chase him down :)

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

I love Apples to Apples...it is FUN!!!!

Baron's Life said...

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