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Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Feeling Random Again

Staying true to the name of my blog, I have some random thoughts I'd like to share today. I have been through 6 classes at University of Phoenix. I got A's in all 6 classes. Now I start my core classes next week. I don't need A's, but they're nice to earn. Critical thinking is next. Being married to Big D will help me with this class, I'm sure. :) I hate getting up at O-dark:30 every morning, but I love how quiet and peaceful the house is at that hour. I joined a CardioFit class at work last month. I go every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for an hour. The instructor is evil, but it's working so well that I just joined for another month. My company pays for it, too. And thanks to this class, I can do a few push-ups, now. ;) I'm flying home next week to see my Mom. I love flying, but my ears are full of fluid. I have been on two rounds of antibiotics and the infection is gone, now I'm on steroid ear drops to try to get the fluid to drain. I hope it does, or landing will be a bitch. When we moved to AZ 9 years ago, cigarettes were about $3-something a pack. After all the state and federal tax hikes, as of this week they are about $7-something a pack. Closer to $8 than $7. That means a carton is somewhere in the neighborhood of $80. Big D and I will be quitting shortly, unless we hit the PowerBall. When I purchase tickets to fly home, if I can't get a non-stop flight, I have to fly through either Atlanta, GA, or Nashville, TN. Those airports have smoking lounges. This will soon be a thing of the past, too. I'm tired of politics. I know the country is going to hell in a handbasket, and I do care, I'm just tired of hearing the blow-by-blow on the news every night. Is this really news? Michelle Obama touched the Queen? Seriously? Just give me the real news, please! In Joker's comments, he replied to someone saying, "There is NO bullshitting of Ann." This is true. I have a very sensitive bullshit detector. I was born with it. Everytime I sniff out bullshit, my right arm goes up. And my right arm was FLYING HIGH when I read Joker's April 1 post! OK...that's enough randomness for today. Have a wonderful day! TGIF!! Ride safe!


Dean "D-Day" said...

Good for you joining the fitness class! I've been hitting the treadmill several times a week myself. Mostly because when I quit smoking in December, I started eating anything that wasn't nailed to the floor and gained almost 15 pounds. Speaking of smoking...you guys should quit. When I quit, I was amazed at how much money I had all of a sudden! (Not preaching.)

Thanx for the great random thoughts!

Willy D said...

Yea I know. Smoking is a issue here to. Every time I buy a pack it’s like a tank of gas for the bike. I know I should quit but… soon, maybe. Hope ya have a good trip.

Lady Ridesalot said...

You are feeling random today. No worries, it's all good.

Hope you do well in your new class, but knowing what I know of you, you'll ace this one as well. (Cause you want it!)

Glad your getting to go home and your Mom. I hope she's doing well.

Good Luck on quitting! I'll be rooting for ya!

Doing your workouts will help with that. Harley and I started something new, and I'm thinking of writing a post about it. It will surprise you! ;)


"Joker" said...

When a pack of ciggys costs more than a 6-pack of Bud, it's just plain wrong. The worst insult is that it's a domestic product, and as such should be much cheaper. As you know, I can enjoy smoking when I want to and then walk away from it. At $80/carton I've never been more glad I can do that!

As much as I'd like to see everyone quit for health reasons, I don't support all these taxes. People who enjoy smoking shouldn't be so brutally taxed for it. There are no taxes like this on condoms, so people who love to fuck aren't paying their fair share. You could extend that to almost any luxury or vice item. Cologne? You VAIN, EXCESSIVE, BASTARD! We're gonna tax that shit!

I hate to preach, but I bet 99 out of 100 smokers have NOT written or called either their Senator or Representative to voice opposition to these taxes. All I can say is, if you get punched, and don't punch back, chances are pretty good you'll get punched again. It always hurts more the 2nd time too.

Oh, and there may be no bullshitting of Ann, but not for a lack of trying!

Ann said...

Joker: rest assured, I am not one of the 99. I have written and called them time and again. I have no doubt that if the 99 did their share, too, we would not be in this shit.

Condoms won't be taxed like that because then teen pregnancy rates will go up even higher, which would suck, too.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I wish you well with your classes, your fitness classes, & quitting smoking.

I agree with you about being sick of hearing about politics, but then stop bringing them up, or you open the door wide for discussion. Bringing it up is fine. Discussion is fine, but it leads to hearing about politics. Catch 22. :)

Take no B.S.

Anonymous said...

I love Michelle Obama and I want to know if she and the queen are hugging!!!!!!
See ya next week......

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Good luck with the class and have a safe trip to your mom's. While you're there be nice to Blackstone and drink a few for us that don't get to go.

At 8 bucks a pack I would have to quit. Luckily I smoked 1 when I was 12 and hated it. I'm glad I can't say the same for beer.

Big Daddy said...

It's the only bad habit I got left.
I don't drink..often
I don't spend money on 'silly' hobbies.
I divorced the other bad habit I had.
Next thing you know people will be calling me Saint BigDaddy.

Veronnica said...

Ha! Scotty complained when they got to $5 a pack this week in Iowa! I bought 2 packs on Tuesday and am dreading having to buy more this weekend. Thank goodness I don't smoke a whole lot! Scotty and I have both agreed to quit smoking as soon as he's here and settled, with all the money we save, we can take a fab vacation somewhere (or he can go to Jared! LOL!).

Bullshit? Ha... nothing gets by you! I'll swing by sometime this weekend and drop some books!

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Thanks for sharing all your random thoughts. I stopped watching the news...it just bugs me way to much and I don't need my blood pressure elevated. lol

I smoked every since my junior year in high school. About 2 yrs ago I was standing on my front porch and I said to myself...WTF are you doing Stephanie?? That was it...I was done. I did fall off the wagon one weekend about 6 months later but I jumped right back on and I haven't smoked since. Trust me...I think about smoking almost everyday. You and Big D will know when it's time to quit.

Have a safe trip to Massholeland and enjoy your time with your Mom! If you see Joker slug him in the arm for me because I'm a little pissed about the punk'd shit...wish I had more of the bullshit detector gene in me. Do you think you could make a instructional video for me? I'm serious!!!

Baron's Life said...

We're heading into WW III
Wake up people...it ain't working

Baron's Life said...

Good Luck with the No smoking thingy Ann...You can do it girl...it's going to drive you crazy and you'll climb up the walls...but the classes should help and think of all the money you will save according to Joker...
Hope your mom is better...Cheers

WooleyBugger said...

Let's all go buy some property together and call it bikerville and make it our own country. Joker for Pres and Big D vice Prez and Ann head of national security.

Queen B said...

LOL, St. Big Daddy :)

Wow, Joke made a great point about cigs costing more than beer. that is nuts.

GREAT job on the classes - both school and fitness!

I love that you have a super-sensitive bs detector. It's a great quality!

FLHX_Dave said...
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FLHX_Dave said...

Random thoughts. Yep, that's what I just read and the amazing thing is I don't feel randomly abnormal anymore!

I pretty much agree with every bit. I'm feeling just about the same here. I have only one question...how many times has your arm gone up when you have read my B.S.?

The important thing is you are still trying to stick your foot in the ass of the world. That's all that counts. Congrats on the school deal. You should really be proudly sticking your chest out about that...(I made some dumbass statement on the comment I deleted about how you must be very proud considering how blessed you are in that department. I didn't want to make light of your accomplishments by joking around about that so I kneel asking for forgiveness.)

As far as St. BigD...well, as Abraham Lincoln said, "It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues." Need I say anymore.

Kim Thomas said...

I am so proud of you doing University of Phoenix. I have heard it is really difficult.

Great job!