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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Basic Riders Course

OK. I did it. I signed up for the course. It's on 10/24 & 25. I figured it I blog about it, I'll be more accountable. And if I fail it, I'll NEVER hear the end of it, especially here at home. So wish me luck everyone. And if anyone has any pointers on turning without dumping (not you Dave), any suggestions are appreciated! I do have a few pics to post, and promise to post sometime this week. I have been extremely busy since being voted to the Board of Directors of BACA. Have a great week!


Dean "D-Day" said...

That's awesome Ann! I always recommend the course to people. I knew how to ride but since it had been quite a few years since I had been on a bike, I took the course. Boosted my confidence level and even taught me a few new tricks. Good luck!

Queen B said...

that's awesome! something I might try after I get done with school in May...

Paula said...

Good luck on the course...I'm sure you'll do great!

B.B. said...

Good for you! I think you'll do great, you are the kind of woman who can do anything you put your mind to!

Kim Thomas said...

You go girl! Look to Jane for some tips :)

Lady Ridesalot said...


That's one of the biggest and most often repeated commands I remember from my RTC. One of my instructors kept telling us... "if you look down... your going down!" He was so right. Just keep your head up and look into your turns... you'll see.

I have faith you will do just fine. You've waited a long time for this.

Go for it sista!!

FLHX_Dave said...

Uh yeah! Pressure is on! You are just gonna pop if you load anymore on yourself...but I suppose this is for a good cause.

Maybe we should get some lawn chairs and JD and sit on the sidelines and watch. whoooooo

Awesome! Hey! I wonder if B.B. took the course there if it would count towards a DL in CA?

kathy said...

How Exciting! You'll have a great time.

The best advice I can give is to remember that the bike goes where you look, especially when you're learning - so don't look down! One thing that helps me even now when I'm in tight turns or curves is to point my chin in the direction I want to go. Rather than merely looking in the direction, pointing my chin keeps my head up and the eyes follow naturally.

Don't worry - you'll be great.

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

That's awesome Ann!!! You'll pass it no problem.

Always look where you want to go and if there are hot guys in the class don't drop the bike like I did. I was so embarrassed because I was trying to act like tough biker girl...not a good idea! lol

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Good four you for signing up!
As far as the turning sharp, just practice. Turning too slow will end up in a dump, and too much speed will end up in not sharp enough turns and you hit the curb, car, etc.

Good luck. Although luck has nothing to do with it. It is really all about skill and practice.

Willy D said...

Best way not to dump it? Hire a body double.
I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Which bike are you using? One of theirs?

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Turn without falling? Hmmmmmmmm.

Roller skates. Just put them on your feet, drag them feet, and you don't go boom!

Or just go faster and centrifugal force will hold you up, maybe.

Or .......maybe I'll just shut up now.

Good luck, you're gonna do great.

Road Captain said...

Congrats and good luck. The basic course will be a snap.

Ann said...

Dean: Thanks. I'm looking forward to it.

QB: You really should!

Paula: Thanks!

BB: Thanks, Babe! I'll be riding out to visit before you know it! LOL!

Kim: Jane is a passenger, isn't she?

LadyR: Thanks for the advice, Sista!

Dave Hell, yeah! Come on down and sit on the sidelines! I LIVE for pressure! LOL! You should look into that for BB!

Kathy: Many people have passed on this nugget. Thank you!

Steph: LMFAO!!! I won't be acting tough, I promise!

Mr M: Too slow is my problem. I am afraid to turn fast. So I dump. If it wasn't for turning, I could ride now!

Willy: Um...I think that negates the whole thing, don't you? lol I'm using one of their bikes. I think they're all Honda Rebels.

AZHD: AHA! Skates! Perfect! Maybe I'll bring some! The paperwork said I had to have boots that cover my ankles, skates do that, right? They weren't specific as to whether I could have wheels on them. ;)

RC: Thanks...I'll need the luck.

mq01 said...

ann, dont stress, whatever the case. put to use everything that they teach and request, and you'll do fine. woohoo!!!...

"Joker" said...

I don't know how they run the courses out your way, but here they provide 250s for all the beginners, which are pretty easy to handle. My first suggestion is to lose any fear by remembering all the crazy stuff you did as a kid on a bicycle. You thought nothing of bombing around turns in a lean, and it became second nature. The motorcycle may be a bit bigger and heavier, but for the most part the same principles apply.

Motion = Stability, but it's important to control your motion. The "friction zone" of the clutch is the key, and really must be mastered before anything else. You can practice/do this just by going straight up and down your street. You need to know where that sweet spot is and get the hang of using it.

Two of the biggest mistakes I think people make in low-speed manuvering/turns are 1) Using the front brake, and 2) Fear of throttling up. Unfortunately, the natural reaction most have when the bike feels unstable is to want to stop because of the fear of dropping. The problem is that when the bike is unstable, braking is usually what causes a person to drop the bike. Working that clutch and giving her a bit more gas will keep you up, combined with proper use of the REAR brake. When you learn how to combine the use of the rear brake with that clutch friction zone, you can do slow turns all day with no fear and no drops, trust me.

It's all practice and time. I'm sure your husband has already told you this though, but I just wanted to make the effort to show you I actually care!

Good luck! You will be FINE.

Ann said...

mq01: Thanks. I just have to chill out, I guess.

Joker: Yes, he's told me, but he didn't get that detailed. I think he didn't want to confuse me. :)

My problem is the fear of dropping makes me want to slow down when I turn. I'll just have to get over that. I've seen my way through tougher things, so that shouldn't be an issue once I learn it.

Thanks for showing you care! lol

Lady Ridesalot said...

Ann... (as far as your response to Joker) "My problem is the fear of dropping makes me want to slow down when I turn."

I hear ya sista! I was sort of like that in the beginning. Just keep this in mind. The first time you "feel" it while you practice your turns, it will be like an awakening. You'll get hungry for that "feeling" (control) and be able to repeat it easier the next time. The more you do it, the easier it will become. The next thing you know... you'll love turning. After all... that's part of the fun when riding... leaning and turning with the wind in your face!

Have fun!!