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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guest post

Yep, I hacked into the "secure" site of Ann's/Boston's.
I felt the since she ain't gonna tell all about her little 'addiction'  I will. 
As most of you already know "Annabelle' is not your ordinary sportster.
She's not a cute little 883".    Hell ,she ain't even a 1200 anymore.
It's a full blown AZHOLE performance bike.
She's been lightened, bored, ported, polished, re-geared...etc...
I have seen grown experienced riders shake after riding 'Annabelle'.
Some I've seen shake just being passed by 'Annabelle'
In Short...She's a Hemi Frieght train.
Why is this important for you all to know?

This lady just continues to amaze and impress the hell outta me and anyone who knows her.
And for a 'green rider' to pick 'Annabelle' as her first ride is beyond astounding.
And to be learning as quickly as she is........Wow!
Wether she learned by watching the many miles she rode behind me...or the many times I taught other riders to clean up their riding.....She's almost a natural.

She maintains her 'line' like a vet.  She's become so damn good I let her ride 'Outlaw' when she wants.
[For those who don't know..thats side by side in the same lane..think "CHIPS"]
And as for 'Annabelle's ' power...she can handle it just fine.

We just took a long sunday ride with a close group of freinds...Long streches of open road  and some desert twisties.
On the long straightaways I was testing the mods I did on 'Marie'  my ironsteed.
I 'rarely' attempt such speeds ..;]
rolling out at about 110, I was cooking.
I slowed down to let the pack catch up.....I saw Ann hunch down and crack the throttle...warp speed.
She rocketed to 80....and kept it at that speed like she was on rails with cruise control activated.
The entire pack behind went slackjawed......They were stunned.
I was impressed as hell...but I pulled her over and asked her 'What the hell are you doing?'
She replied...'Just riding the hell out of this bike'
In the twisties she maintained a good controlled speed and gearing and put that bike right where is was supposed to be damn near perfectly.
Arriving safely at home......she parked the bike.
Stood there with a euphoric expression and announced..'I always thought I understood this ..If I gotta explain..you wouldn't understand........But now I truly ,truly get it..
Yes, Babe..It appears you most certianly do.
[Now lets try to keep it under 60 for a little while..;}..]


Ann said...

Thanks, Babe! ILY! :)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

All I can say is Kick Ass! Go girl!

Willy D said...

Keep it under 60? I thought jets went into a stall under 60!
As for Ann taking to Annabelle like a stripper to a pole, that’s no surprise. Look at who her coach is :)

mrs rc said...

What can I say, when you throw a leg over a bike that is comfotable for you, you just naturally take off in a major way! When I ditched my 883 Hugger for the 96 cubic inch/6 speed Super Glide, my skills and confidence jumped about 10 levels in 5 minutes!

Keep goin' girl! Step up, just don't get too far ahead of yourself.

FLHX_Dave said...

Heh, I got a big ass grin on my face right now. Righteous...that's all I gotta' say. I love to see the whole "Now I understand" phenomenon happen.

"Just riding the hell out of this bike." mwahahahahahaha! choice. At least you don't have to worry about a crack up that was the result of being over cautious.

As for the hacker? I got your voice mail today. I'll give you a ring here shortly...I don't check the cell very often. Half the time it's off, the other half...well, I'm riding. Thanks for the body check.

B.B. said...

I'm not surprised! I knew she'd be great! BTW...I still smile everytime I see the new header pic.

Paula said...

That was really very sweet.

Diane said...

How exciting! Congratulations.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

All I can say is I'm not really surprised.

Ann, I really am heading to San Diego for breakfast in the morning. I'll take a rain check for sure on that ride.

"Joker" said...

Gee, I wonder who the "guest" poster could be?? Hmmmmm. I'll have to give it some thought on the plane to Aruba in about 6 hours. Going there for Susan's oldest daughter's wedding.

Ann, I never had a doubt in my mind you'd take to the road so well on Annabelle. Since we know our beloved "guest poster" doesn't dole out such compliments if they are not well deserved, that makes it all the better. F**kin' A!

Catch you all when I get back next week...and yes, RIDE SAFE!!!

Shannon said...

So now we can add hacker to the long list of naughty things you've done... ;-) I'M SO JEALOUS!!!!

I wanna be out there riding with you guys, but the Dr. says no go on the Bike til after I have the next surgery. Whenever the hell that'll be.

On another note, I'll try to swing by sometime when ya'll are home now that you both are gonna be out riding all the damn time!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...


Lady Ridesalot said...

This was so fun to read! Way to go Ann!

I have a t-shirt that I never wear, but it was made for Ann. It says..."If you can read this, the bitch just past you!" I think I need to send it to you!

I just wish I could be out there riding with ya! Your a natural, but I didn't doubt it for a minute.

Have fun and ride safe... fast, but safe! Woo Hoo!

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Grinning ear to ear, Ann!

"I always thought I understood this ..If I gotta explain..you wouldn't understand........But now I truly ,truly get it..." Oh, yes. You got it good.

Ride on, sister!

Webster World said...

Fantastic. Hell on wheels Ann. Look out Caveman.

kathy said...

Perfect bike - perfect ride. You and Annabelle were meant to ride together. That moment of knowing you can just ride the hell out of the bike - pure bliss.

mq01 said...

yup, look out world, the girls a rollin natural. and ann, be proud of yourself, not everyone gets up and goes as well or easily as you :) WOOHOO!!!

Jenn Ann said...

Very sweet post! (And thanks for the explanations for us chickens!)