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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Am I Cold-Hearted?

I just saw this article in the AZ Republic. You'll have to do a quick read through to understand this post.

John Cherry, spokesman for the Florida Division of Emergency Management said, "We've made it clear that (the cost) is an issue we'll deal with down the road." Seriously John???

This statement bothered me. This is the kind of backwards thinking that gets our country into DEEP shit. We're already in DEEP shit, aren't we? WTF is he thinking?!

I feel for the people in Haiti, I really do. But for the love of God, STOP THE MADNESS!!!!! The problem here, John, is that the good ol' US of A will end up picking up the tab "down the road"!!!! We cannot afford this! Should we just print up some more money, John? Maybe you'd like to take a stab at the cost issue NOW.

This just really burned my ass. Am I cold-hearted?


Arizona Harley Dude said...

COLD-HEARTED? Not to me. Lets see...earthquake..US sends millions in a matter of hours..other countries do the same..movie stars tell us we should send money..NFL and other sports encourage Americans to send money..my school wants me to sign up for care packages to 'allow' the students to 'Help Out'.. if students don't fill the boxes I have to do it.

Result..residents of Haiti all become rich because of a natural disaster in the poorest country on the planet earth. Yep, it sad the people died, but to make the survivors rich because of it is STUPID.

Hell, I must be COLD-HEARTED also, so just build a bridge and get over it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going for a ride to forget this load of crap.

Willy D said...

Are you cold-hearted? On some things probably. We all are. On this issue? No, I don’t think you are. There comes a time when we must be realistic. Realistically, all of the money we’ve given to Haiti over the years has been siphoned off by a few elite. If you go to Haiti in another year, two years or five years, nothing will have changed. Let private charities do what they can. Our government can’t afford to support Haiti. We can’t even afford to support this Country.

There was a commercial on the radio yesterday morning about donating money to Haiti. After it ended I said to my wife, quote: “F*ck no! I’m more interested in helping the unemployed and homeless people here”. If that makes me cold-hearted or an isolationist, tough shit. If ‘We The People’ won’t put our Country first, who will?

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

If you are cold hearted when it comes to this then so am I. If you honestly think about it we shouldn't have to pick up the tab at all because if all the money that has been pledged by people of the USA really happens, the victims from Haiti are receiving millions of dollars. This should pretty much cover things. I don't think it's our place to rebuild their cities and their lives. Our bleeding hearts have bankrupted our precious country. When are we going to make other countries accountable for helping themselves?

Queen B said...

I'm cold-hearted.... or a realist, as I like to consider myself. agree

Pinky said...

The B.S. needs to stop. Text to send $10 to Haiti, my ass! I'd rather give $10 to a deserving local charity. I'm sorry that people died, but Americans need to resolve issues in our own country. We have veterans, homeless, on the streets. Our government could send a little money their way. We have hungry children of our own. How about feeding them? We have an unemployment rate coming precariously close to that of the Great Depression.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I second Pinky's comments.

We have all sorts of problems here at home to deal with. We have plenty of homeless and hungry right here in America. I don't think that we need to go to other countries looking for more.

Hmmmm...guess I'm cold-hearted too.

Paula said...

Being practical doesn't make someone cold-hearted. I agree with Willy D....the US government's money to Haiti hasn't done much except line a few pockets. The charities can do a better job of getting aid to where it needs to be. So I agree with you. We have to apply some common sense.

mq01 said...

not cold hearted at all, you're actually warm hearted for all of society here. im with you ann.

Webster World said...

You Dear are not cold hearted at all. You are useing the brain God gave you. We seem to be a giving country. That is a wonderful thing. But we must use common sense when doing so. Even when it's hard to give. Me for one I helped after Katrina BUT I see no need to help rebuild a city that is stupidly built below sea level. It's a fact it will happen again there. I think helping is fine. But our part does not have to always be the big giver. Send some medical suppies and let France or someone do the rest. As others have said we here need a lot of help.

FLHX_Dave said...

Cold hearted?...I wouldn't exactly say that...but I would say your just a straight up mega bitch though! ;)

phew...You know that was meant with love. As far as your deal here? hmmmm...not really cold at all; just smart. How in the fuck do you think we got into our current mess? People spent money they didn't have, used credit cards, took out loans and all that shit thinking what John is thinking; "Oh, I'll find the money to pay this bill from somewhere."

Look what happened. The worst part of this is that most of the money will wind up in the hands of the 'corrupt elite' of the country. Most of the people who really need it won't see it.

Look at American Somoa after the Tsunami. We offered each citizen a choice to either rebuild their house or give them something like 30k. Most of them took the money and bought brand new SUV's....lol! I guess you can live in a car...I suppose.

I'm all for helping out however, if you are not in a position to help then you don't do it. If the money ain't there...well, it just ain't there.

I know alot of people who are living worse right here in my town...I don't see too much help getting to those folks. Just breaks my heart (and my pocket book)

Nope...you just are a realist. If living in reality makes you cold hearted...then so be it.

Jen said...

Hopefully you all donated $10 to your local food bank in response to your outrage over people donating money to Haitians, and expression of concern about the poverty in our own country.

Ann said...

Funny Jen. I can't donate $10 to my own bank acct.