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Friday, January 26, 2007

Shopping at Fry's

The other day, I went to Fry’s with our crazy neighbor, Kramer. (he prefers this name to “Leaky”, and he really is crazy.) Kramer needed to pick up a few things, and I needed ciggies. We are in the check-out line, talking to each other, joking, etc. I walked to customer service to get aforementioned ciggies, and when I came back the woman at the register, who both Kramer and I had been talking to, asked me if I knew Kramer – after I took his bag of groceries! Hmmm…let me think – no, I don’t know him; I just want his frozen omelettes! I’m an omelette thief running rampant in the city of Peoria! I should explain that Kramer is the self-appointed “Mayor” of Fry’s Food & Drug. Yes, he’s a bit off, but he’s ok. Everyone in the store knows him. He talks to everyone, and he is there every day. I don’t know why the cashier didn’t know I was with him. We were talking together, and to her, and then I said, “I’m going to customer service, I’ll be right back.” Did that not indicate that I was coming back to meet him at the register? Would a complete stranger say that? Or possibly an omelette thief? No, I think maybe an omelette thief would have snuck up on him and grabbed the bag. There was no grabbing on my part. I picked up the bag and said, “Let’s roll in the Buick”. No self-respecting omelette thief would invite their prey into the getaway car! So, it seems to me that Fry’s needs to raise the bar when it comes to hiring cashiers. I had an issue with another cashier last night; Billy G. What a piece of work! But that’s another blog altogether!

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