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Friday, October 26, 2007

Our Vacation

Vicki and I visited family and friends in Massachusetts. Remember my last blog regarding this trip? Here is the list of things I was going to do:

  • Have some clam chowda - we ate a lot of chowda!

  • Enjoy the cool weather - not so much! The avg temp during our visit: 75, but still cooler than Phx!

  • Can you say G & S Pizza??? - We almost missed out on this, but alas, we made it!

  • Visit with D's fam - Saw Dad, that was interesting. He didn't know who I was for the 1st 15 minutes I was there!

  • Visit Dad's grave - Not as sad this time.

  • Lunch with my Cyndi-girl - Ended up being coffee, but it was great to see her!

  • Breath in the cool sea air on Cape Cod - more satisfying than I remembered!

  • Take lots of blog-worthy pics - See below

  • Meet my new great nephew - Little baby Jason is a little doll!

  • Lunch with my favorite Brit, Bev - changed plans to dinner - what a great night!

  • Enjoy the company of my Mom and sisters - can't get enough; I wish they would come visit me!

  • Eat some great food, and probably gain 5 lbs! - Yeah, 3 lbs to be exact! SlimFast to the rescue!!

Oh, yeah...I had Dunkin Donuts coffee every flippin' day! It was wonderful!

So, we had a wonderful trip. Here are some pics to enjoy:

If you're ever in Buzzard's Bay, have the chowda at Lindsey's!

Friday night: closing the bar with Savina - again!

Vicki at G&S Pizza

My sweet baby Jason!

Dinner with my favorite Brit

Vicki on the rock in my sister's back yard

Going over the Bourne Bridge - Cape Cod, MA

I was trying to get a picture of the 'Cape Cod' shaped bushes, but figured it was still a good pic...do you know what a rotary is?

Somebody put windchimes in the tree near my Dad's grave...it's an Air Force eagle.

My crazy sisters trying on Halloween costumes!

Vicki and my sister Gayle in front of her house.

Vicki, Amanda and Stevie, my niece and nephew.

These are pics of the field across the street from my Mom's old house. I used to explore those woods for hours as a kid! I was standing on the sledding hill to take these pics.

I took Vicki to Frothingham Park (in my home town) to play one day. I forgot just how pretty that park is.

Hope you enjoyed my vacation pictorial! Next trip will be for our 10th anniversary, but we're still undecided on our plans.


Veronnica said...

Oh my goodness... I'm outta this stinkin' brown, dusty, desert! All that green, I miss green! Sounds like you guys had a great time! Pictures are great! We need beers soon chick!

Kim Thomas said...

Looks like tons of fun!!!!!

Ruth Anne said...

I love the pictures. I love the baby, Jason!

Anonymous said...

ok i just spent the last goddamn 30 minutes hittin every button on this damn comment thing trying to post a comment. for some reason your blog is in enlish but when i go to comments the comments page pops up in japanese and i can't read a damn thing so i'm checkin this and clickin that. what a headache.

but anyways sounds like fun and i miss it there. i'll see it again someday but right now lovin japan.


Anonymous said...

ok that worked so i know now what to check. still can't read anything but got it down. maybe i need a blog so i can write about trials and tribulations of japanese living

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Love the brit!