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Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Update - UPDATED

UPDATE: Shannon has posted more pics from Saturday night on her blog. Enjoy!

Didn't get a lot done this weekend, but sure had a great time!

Friday night, got a screamin' deal on a pair of sneakers for Vicki. They're Baby Phat (?) and she fell in love with them. The only pair (on clearance) they had in her size was the display pair. So....$29 out the door! Woo-hoo!

Saturday, I took Big D to see the B-17 bomer: Sentimental Journey at Glendale Airport. That was awesome. My father-in-law took a flight on this very plane about 2-3 years ago when it was in Massachusetts. He was a belly-turret gunner in WWII in one of these bad boys, too. He flew 27 missions. Amazing.

Can you imagine sitting in that tiny confined space through a whole mission? And my father-in-law is 6' tall!

Saturday night found me out with the girls at the National Comedy Theater in Mesa. If you like improv, I recommend it. After the show, we ended up at Hurricane Bay, where after a few of my favorite libations (and shots - thanks to Shannon!) I graced the crowd with my alcohol-induced Karaoke version of "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls. Yes, it was truly a night to remember! I'll have the video on my myspace page soon, I'm sure. But here's a picture for now.

After returning home from Hurricane Bay at 2:30 a.m., I told Big D that I was hungry, so being the wonderful husband that he is, he fired up the motorcycle and took me to Denny's. (Vicki was staying at a friend's house Saturday night.) That's where this next picture is from...this girl was really drunk, had a roll of toilet paper on her arm (like a bracelet) and was waving a piece of t.p. around her table....did I mention she was really drunk?
Sunday, we took a ride on the motorcycle to go to Shannon's house to pick up my car, since she dropped me off at home Saturday night. It was a perfect day for a ride; 85 degrees, sunny and breezy. Perfect! On the way back home from Shannon's house, as I was driving past the Glendale Airport, the B17 was coming in for a landing and flew right over my car...about 60-70 feet up! That was cool!


Jinjer said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Baby Phat is super cute for young girls. You got a great bargain on the shoes!

Mike said...

Those are the kinds of weekends I am missing right now. Sounds like a good one.

Jenn Ann said...

Now that sounds like a fun (and eventful) weekend!

Veronnica said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Hopefully someday I'll be well enough to get out and about again!

Queen B said...

wow, sounds like QUITE a weekend! Love the photo of the drunk girl!

Ann said...

QB: Which drunk girl? The one TAKING the pic? Or the one IN the pic? :)

Rex said...

thats awesome i would have loved to see a B-17 that close up. dad must have been excited. as for the drunk girl i don't what to say....other than give me whatever she was drinking!

Ruth Anne said...

Do you know why that famous potrait of the girl on the airplane shows her backside?

She was pregnant and trying to hide her belly.

Ann said...

Ruth Anne: Are you feeling a bit large today? :)