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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Taking the Road Less Traveled: Day 1

Our Williams weekend getaway was fabulous, fantastic, superb, spectacular and just plain fun! Aside from a little sunburn, rain and leg cramps, it was the perfect weekend! Friday afternoon we had a beautiful ride all the way up to Flagstaff, then got caught in a downpour. We had to stop at a Big 5 Sporting Goods to get Big D a sweatshirt, as we didn't see a need for our heavy leathers in Arizona in June. Mistake #1. Once we made it to Williams, the weather had cleared, but it was still a bit cool. We stopped at the rally point across from Wild West Junction on Old Rt 66 and registered for the next day's ride. While registering for the ride, we met the Assistant Police Chief of Williams, who Big D got along with famously. We chatted with him for a while, checked out each other's bikes and then decided we should find our hotel. We came to a stop sign and spotted AZ Harley Dude to our right. We pulled off and he pointed us in the direction of our hotel. It wasn't the best, but I've stayed in worse for $60/night. After checking in, we met up with AZ HD and his friend Linda at Wild West Junction. We had a few drinks and some chow and enjoyed the live band. After this point, Friday night gets a little fuzzy for me. I know we found lots of animal statues and sat on them for pictures. Cows, bears, etc. I do recall that we dropped the bikes at our hotels and walked to the Sultana Bar. There we found a HUGE stuffed moose head hanging over the door. By this time, I was obsessed with all the animals in this town, and I wanted to climb up onto the moose. Paul dared me, and said he'd give me 10 fingers. That was all it took! We walked up to the moose, and the door man actually gave us his barstool once he found out what we were up to! I have to say this was the coolest bar I have been to in a long time. Lots of friendly people and the staff was very attentive. Friday night they had a band, and Saturday night they had a DJ. A man approached Big D in the Sultana and offered to draw his picture in chalk. We asked to see some of his work, and it was pretty good, so Big D sat for 20 minutes for this guy. Let me tell you, the pic he drew was incredible! But I'll let you all be the judge: After that, we decided to hit another bar: The Canyon Club. This was a good little bar, but the karaoke guy had his sound system so loud that the bar was getting noise complaints. It was barely tolerable to sit in there with it being so loud. So, needless to say, we didn't stay long. Sometime between dinner and the two bars, we got a call from BB. They had called earlier to tell us they had been waylaid. Now she tells me they are 300 miles out. I think this was around 8:00. We thought they would be there around midnight, so Big D and I decided to wait up for them to arrive. After leaving The Canyon Club, AZ HD and Linda had called it a night, and I went back to the Sultana for a few more with my love. After more than a few more, we decided to start walking back to the hotel. After riding all day, and enjoying my favorite libations all night, I was beat. While walking back to the hotel, we got a call from Dave. They wouldn't be there for a few more hours. They were riding in 90mph winds and stopping frequently. I think Dave said something about having his head up his ass, but I'm not clear on the conversation. All I know is I used the word 'penis' and I got 'a good talking to' from Dave the next morning at breakfast about it! LOL! Up next: Day 2 and the Rumble on Rt 66. Stay tuned! The next post will have a picture slideshow, too. :)


Big Daddy said...

Why you decided to start the story with a scary pic..I'll never know.
If you haven't scared everyone yet.
They are gonna just have to come back and learn why
PETA has you and BB on their watch list.

Cryogenic spark plugs help to cleanse ones colon..Eh?

BB sometimes can't remember which end of the bike is which.

And now that I've raised more questions than answer to all who weren't there.....I'll end this post ;]

Big Daddy said...

Man I'm pretty ']

Dean "D-Day" said...

Keep it coming! Keep it coming!

Paula said...

I like the drawing!
You and I have something nearly identical in common....Somewhere in the world is a pic of me standing on a bar stool offering my drink to a deer head.

PS--I mentioned you in my first Harley Davidson blog post this week

Willy D said...

Animals? Penis? People Eating Tasty Animals? I gotta party with you people. Oh wait, I did. I think. All I know is I woke up in my own bed Tuesday, I have no idea how I got there. The last thing I remember is…

Captain Caaaaavemaaan rocks!!!

Arizona Harley Dude said...

The reason for no pictures is there is a need to protect the innocent and squeamish.

The chalk picture of Big D is even more remarkable because because while he SAT for 20 minutes, he didn't sit still. It was funny to watch the artist using his hand to direct him back into position. Continuously.

Danny said...

That sounds like one hell of a good time. Looking forward to hearing more.

Queen B said...

LMAO at the usage of "penis"

Definitely need to see some of the pics with animals... love those!

the chalk drawing is fantastic!

B.B. said...

I can't say it enough....The weekend was fabulous! Thank you both again for such a wonderful time, and for your hospitality.

FLHX_Dave said...

I dig the chalk drawing. I was pretty amazed that it only took the dude 20 minutes.

I knew we were going to get along when I gave you the lecture on the word "penis" and all you did was look at me and said "ok penis".

Great time. I'm a bit worried that on the next run we really will get busted for something. This was just the gettin' to know you run. The next time around? pffftttt...I'm already laughing about it.

mq01 said...

imma jealous ;) sounds like a kick ass weekend!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

and ps, yeah!!!...more chicks who like (the word) penis...hahaha LOL!!!!!!!! i gotta hear more...

Lady Ridesalot said...

What's with the "penis"? Inquiring minds want to know! ;}

AZD... I don't know about every one else, but I'm not squeamish and certainly not innocent. BRING IT ON!!

Sounds like a great beginning. I'm ready for more!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Need to hear more about that moose! Where is the rest of the story?

mrs rc said...

well, you certainly have a way of being a big tease! just enough to whet the appetite, and leave us craving more..MUCH more!

that chalk sketch is awesome. i've never seen Big D look so good

Kim Thomas said...

The pic of Big D is awesome! Sounds like an awesome get away too.

Jen said...

This has nothing to do w/ your trip, but Ann, I remember the FIRST time I heard Michael Jackson. It was at Papa and Grammy's and you had just got the album, I think..or maybe it was Gayle's. Anyway, you played it on the old old turntable that was encased in that clunky speaker/combo thing (it's probably an antique). I was hooked!!! I think I was 6 years old or so (you were....:). Regardless of his mental state or troubles, like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Skynrd, Zeppelin, Cash, Marshall Tucker *i could go on*...often imitated, never replicated, never even close to how cool as shit Michael Jackson's (old) music was.

He was a freak, but a talented freak..

Ann said...

Babe: NOT a scary pic...and yes Captain Caveman...you are pretty! LOL!

Dean: I won't stop til the story is told!

Paula: Thank you! I would really like to see that pic of you! Thanks for the mention!

WillyD: You ROCK!!!!!

AZHD: Protecting the innocent and squeamish?! Never! The pics will be in the next post! :) Good point about the pic...he's awful fidgety isn't he?

Danny: It was a blast! More is coming!

QB: Yeah, the penis thing was a riot! The animal pics was the weekend's theme, totally funny. The drawing is amazing.

BB: it was fabulous wasn't it? No need to thank me...you three are welcome in my home ANYTIME!

Dave: I knew were were going to get along when, after talking to me about 'penis', you took my response appropriately-by letting it go. :)

Yeah, next time we could all end up in the slammer. This trip was mild!

mq01: next time, you come with us! I LOVE the word penis...just because it makes the menfolk uncomfortable! :)

LadyR: Maybe I'll explain it someday. And don't worry...I'm bringing it all on! LOL!

Mr. M: I just wanted to sit on the damn moose and I couldn't! So I settled for patting it. :)

Mrs RC: I love being a tease. ;) The sketch is defintely awesome, but I've had the pleasure of seeing him look better. :)

Kim: Thanks. Yes, it was!

Jen: That is a trip! I was actually waiting for this comment from you about MJ! LOL! It was my album and I was 12 and you were 6. And you know what? I still have that album in perfect condition. I may be selling soon! :) He was a talented freak. May he RIP.

Paula said...

Wish I had the pic...someone else took it...not sure i've ever seen it.
It'll show up if I run for office.


Baron's Life said...

sound like a blast...how was your bladder...
Penis ? what penis?