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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who Cares? I'm Going to Williams!

I had many interesting comments on my post about the flying trike. Some thought it was cool, most thought it shouldn't be classified as any kind of motorcycle, and I'd have to agree with that. WillyD wants me to crack the whip on Big D. (Doesn't he know I already do that on a daily basis?)
The absolute best comment was from BB. "Who cares? I'm going to Arizona!" I had to laugh when I read that comment and here's why:
Yesterday, a co-worker of mine was telling me about some all-day meeting we received invitations to attend on next Friday, the 19th. This co-worker started to ramble a bit, so I finally said, "Who cares? I'm going to Williams!"
BB, yes, I can tell you're all excited. I am just as excited if not more. I finally get to meet one of my sisters from another mother! Woo-hoo!!!Some good things are happening for us, lately, and things just seem to be turning around. Finally!
I cannot wait to meet BB, Dave and WillyD! And BTW, WillyD, I'm not sure if Dave told you, but I will be calling you WillyD all weekend. ;)
T-minus 8 days and counting! I cannot wait!


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Invited to an all-day meeting? That is like the non-mandatory retreat my new principal has scheduled. Right after the words non-mandatory it said,"BUT." Yes, it was written in capitals.

I'll be stopping by sometime in the next day or two to talk about Williams.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I'm very excited for all of you. I can't wait to read all about your mis-adventures!

"Joker" said...

That's the problem with businesses in America. If they spent half the time working that they do sitting around in meetings talking about a lot of crap that will never actually get done, maybe all our big corporations wouldn't be going bankrupt.

As far as Williams goes, you know I wish I could be there. I can't think of much better than being the meat in the middle of the Ann & BB sandwich, but I'm sure Big D will suffer through standing in for me. I will be with you in spirit though...while you're whooping it up in Williams...I'll be doing the same thing with Jackson & Co. up in Laconia! Woo Hoo!!! Let's ride and party baby!

Paula said...

Invited to an all day meeting??? Sounds to me like being invited to appear in front of a firing squad

Queen B said...

haha! have fun!!!

mq01 said...

AWESOME!! warm weather, nice roads, great friends..what a fantastic meetup! have an excellent time!!!

Baron's Life said...

Both B.B. an you couldn't have chosen a better time for this trip...
BTW..funny and delightful post...loved the wicked sense of humor.
Have fun you too...& bring back some naughty pictures...if you know what I mean

Lady Ridesalot said...

Well, I'm just playing catch up and it appears as though a lot has happened this past week.

First of all... congratulations on the arrival of Madelyn. How is she related to you? Granddaughter? Soooo precious and sweet!

Second... loved the hillbilly wedding. Riding the bikes up the isle was way cool! I had to laugh at how you pointed out the only two cool shady spots. I guess that's what you get for living in AZ, heh? LOL!

Third... I agree with most of your other comments... doesn't seem to be much "motorcycle" about it.

And finally... I can't wait to hear all about Williams. Go forth... and have fun!

fasthair said...

Ms. Ann: Who cares indeed? I sure as hell don't since I can't be there too! All kidding a side have a great safe time!!!


Willy D said...

I actually just got back from another stupid f@%#ing meeting in Bakersfield (400 miles) about an hour ago. This time they wanted all the Office Managers also. The memo said that to save travel expenses we should ride to the meeting together. I assume that meant both of us in my company truck. But, I ain’t assuming shit! And I don’t think they knew he has a bike. So we rode “together”. Me, on my Harley. Don, on his Harley. Joke em if they can’t take a f#ck!

Now I know why Big D can’t get any work done. I just know you’ve got spiked heels with that whip!

Dave tell me something? Never. He likes surprises. I’ll answer too most anything. Willy D. is just fine. I’ve been answering to that name since 1977, so one more weekend won’t hurt.

Kim Thomas said...

Hope the trip is awesome!!!!