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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Has It Been That Long, Really?

Over the last month I have had very good intentions of posting. But what is it they say about the road to hell? Anyway, I do have lots to tell you, but this could turn into a VERY long post, so I'm going to do this list-style, otherwise I'll be here all damn day!

  1. My baby girl turned 12 on March 24. We went to Kartchner Caverns in southern AZ. Stayed at a neat little hotel in Benson, AZ for the weekend. Had a great time. I totally recommend the Caverns to anyone who is NOT claustrophobic. :)
  2. I took Annabelle on my first overnight trip last month. We rode to Tucson for BACA's Pima County Chapter's 1st Annual Poker Run. I ran out of gas on the freeway because Big D changed my fuel tank, and I had never run reserve before. It was real fun running out of gas at 80 mph on I-10 in front of 3 big rigs the day after that fatal crash involving a meth-head truck driver and 9 bikes. The good news is, I found out I have a 72-mile range on this tank before I hit reserve. :)  After that, my throttle got stuck wide open as we were pulling into Tucson. Yeah, 85 mph and I can't slow down without hitting the breaks. I pull in the clutch and Annabelle is screaming. But of course Big D was able to fix her. We think I picked up some bad gas when I ran out. It was a great weekend, and I'm not afraid of the freeway anymore. :)
  3. My grandson Jayden turned 2 on Sunday. :)
  4. As of today, I have been 11 days without a cigarette. Chantix really works. (aka: no dead bodies to hide)
  5. I am maintaining my 3.91 GPA in school, and am now beginning my core classes.
  6. Really good things are happening at work, for the company and for me.
  7. We just found out that Dave and Willy D are going to join us for the BACA 100-mile ride camping trip! We're sad that BB and Mrs. Willy D can't go, but so happy that some of our crazy Cali friends can go! If anyone wants more info, email me. (Paul!)
  8. My mother's condo has finally sold! Closing is at the end of June. We will be in our new home by my birthday...I hope. :)
  9. Big D let me ride the Dyna. Now I know why he didn't want me to ride it. I love Annabelle. But seriously??? For those of you that don't know....a '99 Dyna is to an '88 Sportster what a Cadillac Escalade is to a Ford Pinto! WTF?! I keep threatening to take the Dyna to work some Friday. I will eventually. :) 
I know there's lots more, but I have to get ready for work, and the Chantix makes me a little crazy. :) I will try to post more often so I don't have to do these crazy list-type posts.

Ride safe!


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Oh Hell Yea!!!! I'll stop by and get the particulars on the ride.

Glad your gas experience turned out OK and that you've been riding. We are going riding Saturday this week or I'm going to bust a gut or something worse.

B.B. said...

Yes, it really has been that long! Sounds like good things are happening for you this year, you deserve it after the year you guys had last year.
So sad I can't make it out with the boys, but maybe we can stop by and see you on our honeymoon trip. :)

Jen said...

Congrats on no cigs! It's so hard, but worth it.

Paula said...

yes, It has been that long!
1 Happy belated B'day, V!
2 that sounds scary, but you obviously knew how to take care of it, so "Yay you!"
3 Happy belated B'day, Big guy!
4 Awesome news!
5 Congrats!
6 Makes life happier/easier I bet
7 Have fun!
8 Fingers crossed sales/buys go well

Webster World said...

That was a good ramble. Short and to the point.lol Yea running out of gas ain't good with 3 rigs on your ass. Sounds like you did good. I'll bet the caverans were cool and cool to haha.

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Thanks for posting! Been missing ya!

Willy D said...

When I read between the lines, what you said was; eventually you’ll have a Dyna, and Big D will have a Shovel.

Ya know, I was just thinking. Some people might think doing 1400 miles to go on a 100 mile ride is nuts. Too those folks I say “screw ya, you don’t get it”.

WooleyBugger said...

1. happy birthday to the youngen. At least the little motel wasn't in the little ole caverns.

2. Congrats on the ride. Reserve gets lots of riders, even older ones. Went to a friends place and somehow cut the gas on thinking I'd turned it off (Which I had not)so when I turned what I thought was on it was to reserve. I-285 rush hour traffic in hotlanta is not the time to find when you reach down your already on reserve. So much for the comfort zone. Luckily an off ramp was coming up. I twisted the throttle to get my speed up, coasted down the off ramp made a right and coasted a block to a station.

3. Grandson? You ain't even old enough looking to have a twelve year old.

4.More power to you on the cigarette quitting. Hope you make it this time and you will.

5. Grades? The only grades I worry about these days are my sons. Or, bolts.

6. Hope the work deal keeps getting better for you.

7. Dave and Willy going you won't need to worry about finding a shop nearby.

8. Glad for you the condo sold. That must be a big load off your mind.

9. If your work keeps up you'll be getting your own Dyna so that should ease Dave's mind.

Jane said...

Cant believe she is 12!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Stay cool. Glad things are going good for you! Don't get too CRAZY!

Kim Thomas said...

Way to stay off the smokes

FLHX_Dave said...

Yeah, it's been that long! All good news. Rookie! mwhahahahahahah...running out of gas and shit...pffftttt....(I have done it a few times.)

You quit smoking? Good for you and hell yeah!(Although the thought of quiting scares me, but I'm gonna do it too.)

See yah soon! Did you quit drinking too?

Ann said...

Paul: come by as soon as you can...you gotta reserve your site soon!

BB: Sad you can't be there too, but I do hope to see you at least once this year!

Jen: Thanks.

Paula: LMAO, thanks.

WW: Yeah, the caverns were cool, and cool. And having 3 rigs on your ass is never good, but especially when you're running out of gas.

Steph: thanks!

Willy D: You're a good reader. :) Can't wait to see you!!!

WooleyBugger: I'd love to get my own Dyna, but I have a shovelhead I need to ride first. :)

Jane: Me either!

Mr. M: Too crazy? Is that even possible? Guess I'll find out!

Kim: Thanks.

Dave: Call me a rookie again and I'm gonna drag out the P-word on you! And no, I did NOT quit drinking. My name is Ann, not St. Ann!

"Joker" said...

Wow...well I know full well that the past year has been a tough one for you, so it's awesome that all the good stuff is finally starting to happen.

LOL on reserve! That only happened to me once, like 20 years ago on my old CB 650. My problem was A) It was my first long haul highway trip and I didn't really know my DTE, and B) I was not on reserve already, but when I turned the petcock, it didn't work!

Picture yourself on the side of the Mass Pike, out around f**king Ludlow, alone, at night in pitch black, and the grand prize...flashers don't work either! I was never so glad I had a gun on me, or to see a Mass State Cop...course he didn't show until I'd been stuck for nearly 2 hours, but at least I got rescued finally.

That GPA of yours KICKS ASS! Good for you giving up the butts too! I know that's not easy. Yeah, when you get that dough from the condo, I don't see you on Annabelle much longer...but I know your new house is more important so I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Great that Dave and Willy are going to join you. And you're right Willy, they DONT get it. Screw 'em! I'd be there too...but I just don't have the cabbage ;)

Rick said...

Sounds like things are going well in Arizona. I'm sure you could handle a Dyna.

FLHX_Dave said...

Oh no!!! Not the P word! Alright, alright Ann. I was wrong...there is nothing on this planet you possibly could be a rookie at.

You were born pro status. Some of us are just lucky that way.