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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Very Special Birthday Shout-Out

Happy birthday to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. My fellow Bostonian is 60 today, and, IMHO, still looks great!

Born Steven Victor Tallarico in Yonkers, NY, he moved to Boston in the '60's and started rockin' with the boys. In '79, the band broke up for a time, and in '83, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry patched up their differences which led to a reunion of all the original members in '84. By '87 they were all reportedly clean and sober, and continued to completely ROCK!

My sisters and I love Aerosmith, and when I lived in Massachusetts, I never missed one of their sold-out concerts! In honor of those days, here are some of my very favorite Aerosmith songs:

  • Sweet Emotion
  • Toys in the Attic
  • Back in the Saddle
  • Dream On
  • Last Child
  • Mama Kin
  • Big Ten Inch
  • Same Old Song and Dance

OK...I guess if I list all of my favorites this post would go on forever. Happy birthday, Steven! Keep on Rockin!!!


Anonymous said...

I love Aerosmith and have seen them at least 12 times!! I met Steven Tyler and the entire band in Boston at a book signing (their book) and he was so awesome. Joe Perry was pretty hot too!

Mike said...

I have only seen Aerosmith once and that was when they were really just breaking out.

I would love to see them again some day.

Kim Thomas said...

Janie's got a gun......

Jinjer said...

Kim that song reminds me of you!

Veronnica said...

Ok, I'll give this one to ya... Happy Birthday Mr. Tyler!

Camron said...

This is an excellent post, Thanks. Ya know, Steven Tyler is my wife's "Free Pass"... If he ever tries to take it up! LOL
I'll have to see if she knows it's his b-day.
Oh, And my favorite from Aerosmith... "Movin' Out"

Paula said...

My hubby does not get the Free Pass concept, but if Tom Hanks or Joe Montana happen to be reading this, I'm game for some "Love in an Elevator"....heehee

Happy birthday Steven!

rex said...

love aerosmith. Dude looks like a lady!