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Monday, May 5, 2008

Congratulations, Vikky!

Our friend Vikky received her Master's degree on Saturday from the University of Phoenix. This was an occasion for Big D to get dressed up.

Looks great, doesn't he?

Later that night, we went out with Vikky and Aaron to celebrate. We were at the Purple Turtle all night. Veronnica and Tim were there, as well as Liliya and Jase. Liliya should be a frickin' stand-up comic...she's an absolute riot! After closing the bar, we were riding home, and I told Big D to take a left, because there was road construction coming up. Great place for a DUI checkpoint, don't you think? Well MCSO thought so! Thank GOD Big D doesn't drink when we're out!
The conversation went like this:

Cop: Good evening, sir. Where are you coming from?
Big D: A bar.
Cop: Really? (shining the light in D's face, suspicious)
Big D: Yeah, I don't drink.
Cop: Really? (I think he was stunned at this point)
Me: (singing the name of the bar - I was pretty toasted)
Cop: Well I'm going to give you this pamphlet to read. Have a nice night.
Me: Bye-bye!

How cool is it that my husband really doesn't drink? We've never been through a DUI checkpoint on the bike before, so that was strange. But the strangest part was this pamphlet they gave us.


Jinjer said...

LMAO, you were singing the name of the bar. I love it!

Queen B said...

Big D is looking very sharp.

That is awesome that he doesn't drink and therefore checkpoints are not scary :) Very strange on the reading material for people who are not drinking and driving...

Paula said...

I'd be afraid to be on a bike in a non-sober condition...afraid I'd fall off!

Mike said...

Wow, a built in designated driver. How cool is that?

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Wow, looking fabulous!

Kim Thomas said...

Looking good Big D!!!!

Veronnica said...

Yep - I love my non-drinking man too! It comes in handy for nights like these (although I probably shouldn't have drank so much that night anyway! LOL!). I didn't get to see Big D dressed up, but he does clean up nice! :) Had a fab time as always... can't wait to go to your graduation party someday!