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Monday, June 2, 2008

My Super Sneaky Memorial Day Weekend: The Party

Saturday morning, we got a call from my niece, Shelly. Christine was going to get her nails fixed, but the people who did them didn’t have time to fix them for her. So she is really upset on the phone with Shelly and Shelly is calling around to different nail places to see if they can fit Christine in for a fix.

Meanwhile, I’m helping Gayle put stuff for the party into her trunk. We had signs, a huge picture, candles, decorations, etc. I said, “If she comes over now, the gig is up!” After loading up Gayle’s car, I was supposed to go to lunch with Mom. But I had to wait to see where Christine was going to get her nails done, first. She could pop-in at Mom’s house at any time, just as well as Gayle’s house. We finally got the call from Shelly on where Christine would be, and I was OK to go to Mom’s house.

Mom and I decided that we’d have a quick lunch and then get a pedicure. I had to be back at Gayle’s house at 2:00 to help her pick up the flower arrangements. While we’re finishing up our pedicures, my nephew Steve calls Gayle and says, “Uncle Eddie said he might stop by the house this afternoon.” OK…NOW we’re in frickin’ panic mode! Gayle calls me and tells me to park at Mario’s, the restaurant where my niece works and she will pick me up there to get the flowers. If Eddie stops by the house, he’ll be going in the barn, so we can’t hide my rent-a-wreck there!

We go to pick up the flowers, which were beautiful, and went back to Gayle’s house. Jen got a text from Shelly, to tell us that Eddie was at home in front of the TV in his pajamas. At that point, Amanda took me to pick up my car.

Are you following all this??

So, it’s finally time to get ready for the party. None of us can stand this sneaking around shit anymore! We got there early and set up the hall. It looked gorgeous. The cake was perfect. The DJ was on time. The bartender was on time. Let the drinks flow!

Someone finally said, “They’re here!” Everyone gathered around the door and were waiting with there cameras focused for the big moment. The DJ was directed to play, “All You Need Is Love” as they walked in the door. He had to play it twice, because it took them forever to get inside! (Then they danced to Al Greene's "Let's Stay Together).

The look of shock on my sister’s face said that we had succeeded and that all the sneaking around had really paid off. She was weepy all night. She was shocked to see me, and shocked to see her daughter, Jen, who lives in Washington DC. Everyone was so relieved that, not only was it over, but it was a total success!!

At one point during the party, Ed took over as bartender; it seemed our bartender was MIA...free drinks for everyone! :)

The party was great (as it always is with my family) as demonstrated by the following pictures.

This is Jen, having a glass of wine on Gayle's back porch on Friday night.

Gayle and Shelly on Friday night.

The beautiful cake!!!

Picture of Christine & Ed, blown up and put on fiber-board so everyone could sign underneath it.

Christine & Ed walking into the hall...check out the total look of confusion on Christine's face!

This was a big deal, because they didn't do this at their wedding. :)

Closer to the end of the night, this is Gayle wearing one of the DJ's many hats. Yes, it runs in the family! :)

Happy 30th anniversary, Chris & Ed! (Their actual anniversary is tomorrow, June 3rd.) I love you guys!!

The only thing left to tell now is about my HELLACIOUS flight home!


Veronnica said...

Well I'm glad all the sneaking around paid off! Great pics too!

Jen said...

That's the only pic you have of me? That was after 6 glasses of wine and no sleep!!! Awesome.

Michelle said...

Their look was PRICELESS! Its tough pulling off a surprise for people you live with, but it was a TOTAL SUCCESS!!!

Anonymous said...

I had such a good time. All that sneaking was worth it because we were so CLUELESS!!! Thank you!!
Love the pictures, Ann.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Woo Hoo! Your family sounds a lot like my family. We know how to throw a party, AND we have done some sneaking around to do it also. I'm glad you all had a great time and it sounds like you had a crazy time trying to keep all this a secret.

There's more? Can't wait!

Queen B said...
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Queen B said...

Wow, the cake is gorgeous. Pics are GREAT! Awesome story, agreed the shocked looks are priceless!

"Joker" said...

I'm glad you pulled it off kid. Looks like a great party.
The flight home? Ugh. I hope you didn't get stuck in the back of the plane near the bathroom!

Ruth Anne said...

looks fun!

Paula said...

What a great story! So glad it all paid off!

Happy Anniversary, Chris & Ed!

Mike said...

What the hell? Weren't there any fire extinguishers in that hall?

Jinjer said...

Love the story! Cake is awesome! Pics are great! And now we are all waiting in suspense for the hellacious flight home story!!!

Bianka said...

Love the 3 part story. Looks like a great time!

Ann said...

Mike: no fire extinguishers...that's my husband's deal and he wasn't able to make this trip with me!:)

The flight home story is coming!

Sydney Thomas said...

I'm not allowed to go to parties yet.