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Monday, June 9, 2008

Then And Now

Saturday night, I had my friend Tanya's kids over for the night. They were so good, you wouldn't have known that I had a 5-year-old and an extra 10-year-old in the house!

On Sunday morning, Vicki and Kaetlyn were talking about how long they had been friends (8 years) and Vicki was remembering past events together, but Kaetlyn couldn't recall them. So I showed her some pictures from the first summer they met. They were 2 1/2 years old, and so cute. Kaetlyn finally started remembering some things we'd done in the early days.

Here they are then:

Kaetlyn and Vicki circa 2000.

And here they are now:

Kaetlyn and Vicki circa 2008.

The only thing that has changed is now Vicki is taller! :)


Jenn Ann said...

Too Cute!!!

Mike said...

Time sure does fly by.

Bianka said...

Good friends are wonderful!

Jinjer said...

Adorable! That's awesome :)

KT Did said...

Kids are great! A wonderful to us all. I don't have them, but I love to enjoy them from arms length! Cute, cute, cute!

Kim Thomas said...

Too Cute! Childhood friends are the best!

"Joker" said...

Cute kids!

Shannon said...

For those that read Ann's blog and not mine, we are going to Hurricane Bay Saturday (June 14) anyone who wants to come is welcome!!!!!

LoSpace said...

An extra 5 and 10 year old in my house means -- Swiffer Duster time! That age kid still thinks it's fun to help (sometimes)!!