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Thursday, June 5, 2008


I have taken this from Mr. Motorcycle's blog. For those of you who ride, feel free to re-post with your own answers on your blog, or you can leave your answers in my comments section. Ride safe!

Favorite brand of bike? Harley Davidson

Favorite color of bike? Purple and chrome with a bit of custom pinstriping.

Do you always wear a helmet? No, never. I enjoy my freedom to choose in the state of Arizona. I don't have a windshield, seatbelt or airbags on my motorcycle either.

Most miles ridden in a day? I think the longest we went was about 200 miles to Parker AZ in one day. That's no fun on the back of an '88 Sporty :(

Do you belong to a riding club? Not a 'riding club' per se, but we just joined Bikers Against Child Abuse, Maricopa County Chapter.

How many bikes do you currently own? 5, but only two are currently up and running.

Do you wave at passing bikers? Yes...always.

How many brand t-shirts do you own? I own about 5 or 6, and Big D owns about 10.

Do people think you are obsessed with motorcycles? Oh yeah. And my 10-year-old daughter is now pointing out motorcycles to us wherever we go! :)

What is your favorite type of riding? I love riding with groups, but also love doing the 'lone wolf' thing, too.

Do you have any riding superstitions? Gotta have a guardian bell on the bike or I won't ride.


Jen said...

Speaking of bikers....



I hope he doesn't have a Red-Bull and ciggy-induced heart attack this season.

Jinjer said...

Harley's RULE :)

Ann said...

Jen: I, too, heart Captain Phil - who shares a partial nickname with Big D. :)

Well, well, well! It seems that jinjer has a wild side! Who knew? ;)

Veronnica said...

Yeah I love bikes too, getting closer and closer to getting the one I want. Not a Harley, but still ultra-cool for me!

Big Daddy said...

Notice the [WE] went only two hundred miles.......tenderbut
I fear I may have to take the living room recliner and put it on a bike for
poor grandmas tiny little ass.......cute as hell tho!

Mike said...

I have a Trek, but ummmm....it's a bicycle though.

I don't wear a helmet, so at least I look cool.

Anonymous said...

I ALWAYS wear a helmet but i hate helmet hair :(