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Friday, August 15, 2008

This Falls Under 'WTF?' For Sure!

Today's recommended reading can be found here. In short, the article is telling us that since we passed the law, these poor illegal immigrants can't pay the in-state tuition for Arizona state colleges and universities, they must pay the higher out-of-state tuition rates and they can't afford it. If they weren't illegal in the first place, this wouldn't be an issue! The article reads as if we're to feel sympathy for poor Jose, raised in the US illegally since age 11, and now has to go back to his homeland to look for opportunities. Why the hell should I feel sympathy? If Jose and his family had come to the US legally, this wouldn't even be an issue! This is definitely one for the 'WTF?' file!


"Joker" said...

Well, you already know how I feel about this. Looks like your law is doing what it's designed to do: save the law-abiding LEGAL residents of the State of Arizona a ton of money. I love how they try to lay the sob story on you to make it look like we're being mean insisting on minor little details like citizenship in order to benefit from reduced tuition.

So, they're considering going back to where they came from? GOOD! That is another indication the law is working. This IS NOT YOUR NATIVE COUNTRY and we are NOT going to make it any EASIER for you to plunder our limited resources. Pack your shit and GTFO!

Give my regards to Montezuma.

Ann said...

Joker: GTFO...my thoughts exactly!!! LMFAO!

Kim Thomas said...

I am right with you, this is ridiculous. Illegals need to go until they are legal-period.

That sad, I feel bad for Jose only because it's his parents that put him in this situation. But, feel bad or not, get legal dude.

Veronnica said...

I agree! And I'm legal and still can't afford in-state tuition! WTF?

Paula said...

WTF is right!!!

FLHX_Dave said...

"snooooorrrkk,...spitooey!" enough said. Legal, ok. Otherwise WTF!!

Ann, check this link out. I think you might dig this song.


Andrea said...

I'm right there with y'all!!

Mike said...

I sometimes wonder why we bother to have any laws at all as far as illegals go. We rarely force them for fear of "offending" someone. Jesus, we have become a nation of whimps. Round them up and kick them the hell out and make it clear they are not welcome back by not hiring them for anything at all if they can't prove they are legal. Don't treat them in hospitals if they can't prove they are legal. Don't educate them if they can't prove they are here legally.

Seriously, what is the point of any law if we are not going to enforce it?

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Amen Sister Ann! I give this a 5 star WTF!!!!!!!!

Ann said...

Kim: I don't feel bad because his parents should have known better.

V: I know...tell me about it!

Paula: Exactly!

Dave: That song totally kicked ass!

Andrea: Right on!

Mike: It's sad that we need to have these laws. I agree...we should just round 'em up and kick them the fuck out...as Joker said so eloquently: GTFO! LOL

IHG: Totally 5-star!

KFuj said...

I moved to Cali from NY and had to wait 2 years before getting my tuition lowered, and I am legall!

Ann I with you on this one! Get legall or get the F out!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

By allowing this kind of sh*t to go on, it is doing nothing more than encouraging illegals to continue to come to our country illegally. They know that after first generation, they can get away with this sh*t.

Queen B said...

"Changing laws have made life tougher for illegal immigrants in Arizona..." I would hope so!