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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Kitty King

My kitty, Precious, has become the 'Don King' of our kitty community. I'm not quite sure if she's promoting fights, or just taking bets, but the following has happened on two occasions: I am watching TV and hear a cat fight outside the front door. I open the front door and see two cats going at it on my patio. Neither one of the fighting cats is Precious, though. No, Precious is perched on either the railing or the window sill watching the action!!! Kramer laughed so hard, he put himself into a coughing fit, and I almost peed my pants! After the fight was over, Precious Kitty pranced into the house like it was nothing at all. And thanks to her doorman, Kramer, she never has any issues getting in, either! All she has to do is hang on the window screens and Kramer knows that's his cue to open the door! Pretty smart cat, I'd say! So, Precious Kitty is now 'Kitty King'. I've got to get batteries in that digital camera. Next time it happens I will post a picture!

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