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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Our New Toy & Two Of The Nicest Peeps Around!

Last night, Big D got the title to the coveted 1988 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster in Candy Brandywine. See Random Photo. He is totally stoked! I'm really happy for him, it's been a long haul! In our usual fashion, it was right down to the wire! About 3 months ago, we put the '65 Fury up for sale. Big D wanted a bike. Then about two weeks later, he found this Sportster. Our neighbors Ted & Julie were selling it. Big D talked to Ted about it and explained that he wanted to buy it in time for the Laughlin River Run (which happens to be this weekend). Ted stopped running the ad for the bike, and even turned down a few offers on it because he knew how badly Big D wanted it. Now, when you think about that for a minute and let it sink in, you figure out that Ted is a really good guy. Well, Ted & Julie are great people, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Read on. Naturally, we had trouble selling the Fury. Big D would go and check in with Ted every once in a while to make sure the bike was still there. He thought for sure that Ted would sell it before we sold the Fury. Then, we are contacted by Toon (yes, that's his name) from Holland. Toon wants to buy the Fury. So, last Friday, I opened a paypal account and Toon sent the money. In the meantime, Big D went to Ted's house to tell him the car was sold and he'd be back to buy the bike in a few days. Ted told him to take it home that night. He would hold the title until Big D gave him the money. On Saturday, Ted & Julie were having a yard sale, so we went over to say hi. Ted gave us a few chromed parts for the bike, and we bought a better seat and some saddle bags from him. We invited Ted & Julie over for steaks on the grill that night. Everyone had a good time. On Sunday, I checked my paypal account and they had "limited" my access because it was a brand new account and they didn't know what the large sum of money was for. I called them and told them what it was for, and also that it really wasn't any of their business what it's for. They told me the account would be under review for 24-48 hours. Ok, fine. But the issue was: the bank transfer took 3-4 days after the 24-48 hours. So now it would be too late to get the bike registered and ready to go to Laughlin. Big D was absolutely frantic. Monday morning I found that our paypal access had been "restored". I initiated the bank transfer immediately, and after countless hours of Big D getting hysterical about it, the transfer went through on Wednesday morning! O Happy Day!!! Yesterday afternoon, Big D went to the bank, and got the money. Problem: Big D was short some cash because paypal took their cut. I told him to relax and just talk to Ted. Maybe they could make a deal. Big D went to Ted's house about 3-4 times yesterday. They weren't home. He just kept doing drive-bys. I told him Ted's neighbors were going to call the cops and have him brought up on stalking charges if he kept it up! Finally, he left a note on the front door with his phone number. Ted called at 8:30 last night and they came over to the house. Julie and I sat out on the patio talking, and Julie told me that Ted said, "If Daryl doesn't get the money by tomorrow, I'm just going to sign the title over to him and put myself down as the lienholder, so he can take it to Laughlin." Remember when I said they were nice people? We've never met people this nice in our lives. They stayed a while, and Ted, Big D and Aaron (our motorcycle mechanic extraordinaire) worked on getting the bike ready for the trip to Laughlin. It was a good night. But, in true Nelson family style, it was down to the very last minute! We're used to it, though. Note: Big D wasn't going to take the bike to work this morning, but when he started the Honda, his headlight was totally out and it was dark. So, off he went on the HD. I heard him stall and thought it sounded funny so when I talked to him, I asked about it. He forgot to turn the fuel on!


Anonymous said...

Tell Big D CONGRATS! I know he's happy now! :-) V

Ann said...

Thanks, V! He's beside himself and packing for Laughlin as we speak. He'll be intolerable tonight!