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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ragging About The Boss, Again

Recently, I have had the pleasure of working for an extremely toxic boss. If you've been reading my blog, you know this. If you need to catch up, click on Toxic Boss under Posts by Label on the right hand side of the screen. OK. Now that you've read up on this issue, I'll continue. I was talking to some others that work with us (I will not be naming names), and it has been said to me on several occasions, by several different individuals (managers and peers) that the Toxic Boss will hang herself eventually. I am still waiting. But, from what I have heard, she is very unprofessional. Not just with me; in meetings with our top execs like the CE, COO, CFO among others. I've heard that she has a rotten attitude. I have had people ask me, "Is she ever actually in the office?" My co-worker and I both agree that the boss has not worked a full week since she started here in November. She is either "feeling ill" or "working from home today". That would normally be fine, except for the fact that when she is "working from home", she does nothing! Additionally, we work at a client site, and the client has specifically stated that they do not want managers working from home. Hmmm, so how does she do it? Once again, this goes back to Our Values. Specifically, "Lead by Example". We were told that working from home is a privelege. How did she earn it? I've been here for 1.5 years and I haven't earned it yet! Now I'm just trying to figure out how to let someone know what is going on, just in casual conversation. I'll have to work on that. It is very encouraging, however, to hear that my peers and some others (including managers) have noticed her behavior. I'm thinking less and less of leaving this great company, and more and more about ways to get her unacceptable behavior highlighted. If you have any suggestions, please comment on this post. I'm open to almost anything! I really need help with this issue. Thanks Readers!

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