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Monday, April 2, 2007

Bike Week Was A Blast!

Yesterday, Big D announced that we needed to go to the bike show at University of Phoenix Stadium, or Cardinals Stadium for the non-initiated. It was the last day of Arizona Bike Week 2007. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and there was very little wind. It was the perfect day for a ride on the scooter. We arrived at the stadium and went to the motorcycle parking section. We have not purchased the 88 HD Sportster yet, so we were riding the Honda. The parking lot was full of HD's, Triumphs and Indians. There were some really gorgeous bikes just in the parking lot. We parked right next to some of the prettiest bikes I've seen. I thought maybe our bike might get knocked over, just for being an ugly Honda. But, to my surprise, it didn't! Needless to say, we were grateful! Buying the tickets: $18.00 each! I thought that was a little steep, but what the hell, we were there to have fun. Inside, I zoom right to the first bar I see. Miller Lite in a plastic bottle: $7! I predicted $9, so I wasn't that far off the mark. Big D's Diet Coke was $4. Can you say total rip-off? Anyway, we bought a pair of chaps for Big D, at an extreme discount! They look great on him, too. I'll post a pic soon. I got a new vest and some patches for it. (Pic to come soon). Big D got some patches for his vest, too. We heard someone say there was a vendor selling as many T-shirts as you can stuff into a bag for $30. So we roamed around until we found them, and now have a bunch of Bike Week 2007 shirts. Big D wears them to work, so it was definitely a bargain! After the stadium, we brought all our goods home, then headed out to Casey Jones Grill at 43rd Ave & Thunderbird in Glendale. They have special bike parking that's covered. Had a nice late lunch there, with a few more beers for me. Then on the way home, decided to stop by and visit some friends in the old neighborhood. Really enjoyed the day. Wish there could be more like that one! Maybe next year we'll get out to do some runs for Bike Week. By then we'll have the sporty ready to go! Next event: Big D's Laughlin River Run later this month.

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