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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Last week, Mr. Motorcycle posted about the Harley paint job he did on their extra refrigerator. It was really sweet! As I was reading the comments, I noticed that Joker said his wife would not allow his obsession with motorcycles to 'intrude' into the 'common areas' of the house. Wow.

So, I said that I would post about the 'common areas' of our house that all you bikers might find interesting. :)

The Kitchen

Our son Eric sent these tins to Big D right after he arrived in England. (The obsession seems to be a family affair.)

Here are some close-ups:

He also sent this one:

Note: If anyone tries to park a Harley (or any motorcycle) in my kitchen, or anywhere else inside my house, I'll shoot first and ask questions later! Hey, a girl's gotta draw the line somewhere!

I bought this at one of Arizona's lovely casinos after I won a bit of cash on the one-armed bandits:

The Family Room

Big D got this RC Harley for Christmas last year from Vicki. Caution: does not work on the carpet!

The HD deck of cards was a gift from a fellow blogger, Paula. Thanks, Paula! We love playing Rummy 500 with these cards!

The HD piggy bank was a gift to Big D from another fellow blogger, Simply Curious Girl. She also sent us a couple of shirts from Santa Cruz HD. Thanks, S!

On the top shelf is D's '48 Indian, and I cannot remember who gave it to him!

On the lower shelf, left side, is a Sporty, just like D's Sporty...I bought that one. On the right is 'my first couch' given to me by our friend Mark for my birthday last year. Mark asked what I wanted for my birthday (right after I got a ride on his 'couch') and I said I wanted a couch! :) Thanks, Mark!

The Office

The next few pics show our home office. I think I should mention here that I mostly work from home now, so I use the office more than Big D. This is clearly a 'common area'. (And now that I'm jobless as of tomorrow, I'll really be spending a lot of time here!)

Those are Triumph jugs:

Please note: the original Sporty tank to Big D's bike is in here because it didn't hold enough fuel for those longer rides. We couldn't leave it in the garage and let it get dusty, now could we?!

On the shelf below the tank are some random pieces (pistons, pieces of the tranny) of my Sporty that is still a work in progress.

And last, but certainly not least, we go back to the kitchen. Last Thursday, Big D had a slow day at work, so he made this. He asked me where I wanted to hang it. It's hanging just under the tins that are in the first pictures.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our home. Guys, I know most of the wives will think I'm crazy...and I freely admit that I am. But it's not just Big D that loves being up on two wheels....I've got the obsession, too!


Jinjer said...

WOW now THAT'S a LOT of HD stuff! I am all for it though, if you and your hubs have a common hobby (and obsession LOL) then go for it! Awesome stuff!!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Great Harley / biker memorabilia.
You and Big D. are no more obsessed than I, but I am not allowed to display that much obsession in the common areas, as Mrs. M does not share the same obsessions.

Thanks for the nod, and thanks for the compliment on the paintjob.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Pant! Pant! Pant!
Sorry, got a little excited looking at all your cycle stuff. Thanks for the tour.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Oh, by the way,
Big D., I love the metal skulls!

B.B. said...

That is just way too cool! At least you two share the same obsession, that always makes it easier. Thanks for sharing this with us, it's awesome.

Jen said...

I don't think Bryan would let my obsession with reality wedding shows trickle out into anything except my tv time :)

Paula said...

Wow! I must say, that is a vast collection! My obsession is Longaberger. My hubs is not interested in it even a little bit...I wonder how he REALLY feels about it being everywhere?

FLHX_Dave said...

WTF is Big D doing with all that talent. How much would it cost to get one of those metal skull deals? That kicks ass! Maybe he could sell that kind of stuff on ebay or something. I just might have to hire you two to "pimp my pad". Crazy kids!

Big Daddy said...

The skulls are flame cut from a computer generated pattern. Just punch in the code and cut. any design can be made in sheet metal......Some custom tanks are next on the agenda.....Good thing Mama didn't post pics of the garage....You'd all go nuts!!

Anonymous said...
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Jane: a female given name of English origin said...
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Jay Green aka Road Captain said...

I love the post Ann! As you know, Diana is on board with the obsession and is a way cool chick. She decorated the kitchen in a Shelby GT 350 theme with Ford Mustang signs, magnets and framed pictures everywhere. We even have little model cars in the kitchen also. Not motorcycles, but still cool!
We don't have a traditional living room, instead we have a game room with pool table and dart board set up. In the game room we have the wall of motorcycle posters includeing some nudity.
In the study where we blog away on our twin Dell computers we have our wall of pictures from our motorcycle trips.
I feel bad for couples who do not share the passion. I feel bad for people who lack originality. I feel blessed to have found a cool chick who can decorate in both V-Twin and V-8.
I wouldn't want to steal your post idea, but let us know if you want us to give you a similar tour over at RC USA.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I love a good motorcycle obsession, I am impressed with the depth and variety!

I have a really cool picture of 3 bikes in my laundry room.

It was my way to "visualize" a bike every day.

Super cool!

Ann said...

Jinjer: Thanks...we love our stuff!

Mr. Motorcycle: Yes, we're quite obsessed. And that's really not a compliment...that fridge rocks!

Dean: Yeah, we get that reaction a lot! Glad you enjoyed it!

BB: It definitely makes it easier! I won't tell you what my ex's obsession was!

Jen: I sympathize with Bryan. He must be a good man!

Paula: The great thing is, if I wanted baskets all over the house, D wouldn't care, as long as I left room for his HD stuff!

Dave: LOL! We'd be happy to pimp your pad anytime!!

Big D: Custom tanks...for my sporty??? Heh, heh. ;)
I'm letting you post about the garage.

Jane: Sorry I didn't catch that. WTF?

Jay: Thanks! If you noticed in one of the pictures is a Hot Wheels '51 Merc lead sled...that is my dream car. I think you and Big D are both very lucky guys! And I would LOVE to get a similar tour at RC USA!

Ann said...

Jane: You are a super cool chick!

Rex said...

I showed that to momma and she said when we get back i get the garage to do whatever i want. She loves the bike and the ride but doesn't want it all over her house. god love ya Ann!

Ann said...

Jay: We also have a hot rod obsession here, too. D used to build them! We just gave away over 2000 hot rod magazines going all the way back to 1948!

Rexxy: You'll never find a woman like your mama! :) I love you, Rexxy!

Dean "D-Day" said...

Wow, guess I've been hanging out with the wrong crowd. I've never met so many women who are really into this kind of stuff. (Or would let it into their home.)

"Joker" said...

Wow. Yeah, that is a LOT of bike stuff! Very cool. I also love a woman who shoots first and asks questions later!

Veronnica said...

Totally cool... but of course I've seen it all up close and personal! Common Areas??? LOL!!! Give me a break!!! :)