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Thursday, January 8, 2009

101 Things About Me: 1-25

I just saw this on Connie's blog, and I thought I would do my own version for your reading pleasure. :) 1. I'm happy that the holidays are over. 2. I really miss my cat. (She was killed by a car last spring.) 3. I'm so glad Mr. M's post promted me to start using my CPAP machine again. Sleep apnea's a bitch. 4. Organized religion...not so much. 5. When I was little, my Dad called me #3 (because I was the third daughter), and my Mom called me Oonie-Banoonie (a variation of Annie-Bananny). 6. I've never told that to anyone before. 7. I'm sad that my Dad has been gone almost 5 years now. But I'm so happy I have so many great memories. 8. I'm looking forward to several bike runs this year, the most important right now being our Yuma run for BACA in April. 9. I wish we could make the Sturgis rally this year, but it's not likely. 10. After a hard day at work, I love to come home to my husband's hugs and kisses. There's nothing like them in the world. 11. School is frustrating the hell out of me right now. I have 3 papers due in the next two weeks, and I have only started one. 12. I'm selling my old wedding dress on Craigslist, and a cross-dresser has offered to buy it. Apparently he's getting married. 13. I'm looking forward to getting a small settlement from my car accident soon. (I hope.) 14. We desperately need a new mattress. 15. When I was 17, I had my hair my hair frosted. The woman pulled so much of my hair through the cap, it came out almost totally platinum blonde. I loved it! 16. My first car was a black 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo. It hauled ass. 17. My best friend Kathy called it 'The Limo'. 18. I have never gotten a speeding ticket, ever. 19. I was pulled over once when I was about 16. I was driving my boyfriend's car and the police thought it was stolen. I was doing 72 mph in a 30 mph zone. I dumped my purse on the passenger's seat and cried. The cop told me to go home and park it. No ticket. :) 20. I'm happy my kids are all healthy and happy. 21. Our son Eric just shipped out to Qatar for 6 months. 22. I hate those 'good luck' chain emails. They suck. 23. According to all the detritus in my Spam folder, I can't get a hard-on, and need to go on a diet. 24. I really do need to go on a diet. I guess my Slimmies will be in cognito again. 25. Some random guy stopped by today because he saw Big D working on a friend's motorcycle, and he needed some work done on his bike. Very random.


"Joker" said...

Wow...not only are we Massholes, but now we've got something else in common. My first car was a '76 Monte. She was Buckskin Tan with a Landau vinyl top. In reality, she was the cheapo besides the Landau roof. No other options. No a/c. No power windows. Vinyl bench seats. Nada. But I loved it!

In fact, I loved it so much that nine years later in 1991, I picked up a black 1977 Monte Carlo that was much nicer option-wise. A/C, power windows & locks, bucket seats with a center console, and the coolest of cool, a power moon roof!

Funny how all these bells and whistles we take for granted today were so huge back then. Both of those cars had 350 engines that just purred. Cancer was what killed both of those cars. Our nasty New England winters rotted her rocker panels and fenders like you just don't see these days.

Anyway, sorry to babble on so much. It's just that when I read that part about your Monte, it really brought me back and I had to tell you about it. Is it ok if I finish up with I can get a hard-on, and I don't need to go on a diet???

Ann said...
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Ann said...

That's a trip, Joker! Mine was black with a black landau top and black vinyl interior! It had ice-cold A/C and a kick-ass stereo and speakers that I convinced my Dad to install for me. And it had a 350 in it out of a Corvette. It FLEW! You can fit a LOT of people in one of those cars!

I knew you were special, Joker, but I had no idea you were a Monte guy! :)

Allen Madding said...

my first ride was a 74 Elcamino...monte carlo up front, almost a pickup out back. It had a 350 with a BIG 2 barrel carb. The only thing in town faster was a sklark with a 350 and a 4 barrel, a new Z-28, and a 68 corvette. It was constantly wide open on twisty country roads. I wonder now how I've lived this long.

Despite the image elcamino owners seem to have, I loved that old ride and it served me well.

A girl in a neighboring twon that I had a crush on had a 76 monte carlo that I thought was the sexiest car I'd seen.

Years later, 1993, when my daughter was born, the wife had a Monte Carlo SS. That was a car that rocked. It would fly and it handled sooo well.


B.B. said...

That's fun! Thanks for sharing some things about yourself that we didn't know!

Agent DragonFly said...

This is FULL of LOTS of FUN information but I think my favorite has to be that a crossdresser is buying your wedding dress...I hope he will send you pics....or would that be disturbing??

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I'll admit it I have ADD, as such I just went to #22.

I agree

Ann said...

Allen: Yeah, my ex-husband bought a Monte SS right after I kicked him out...the very one that he wouldn't let me buy while we were married. I wanted to kill him even more!

BB: My pleasure! Wait until 26-50 is published!

Agent D: No it wouldn't be disturbing, but he stood me up. I guess he doesn't want the dress after all.

Jane: You rock! :)

Paula said...

This is an awesome list! Got me thinking about my first cars....now I just gotta see if I can find the pic.

That would've been funny to have pics of a cross-dresser in the first gown. Kind of wish I had of pic of my first one being worn by a cross-dresser....I'd have made it into a Christmas card and sent it to my ex every year!!! Bwahahaha

Willy D said...

I’m not sure if I should cry or laugh;)

Are #’s 14 & 23 related?

-Connie said...

I'm with you on 9 and 10!!! I love that you started a list too!! I can't wait to read the rest!

Queen B said...

love #10
agree #11
LOL #15
agree #22

keep 'em coming!