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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly - Updated

The Good: Today is the 12th Annual British and European Only Bike Show and Swap Meet at the Steel Horse Saloon. Being that Big D has numerous BSA and Triumph parts, etc., he is ready for this swap meet. His friend Aaron showed up at 7:30 a.m. and they loaded up his truck and off they went. The Bad: This is what it looks like outside today: Yes, it's a steady rain that we really need. But do we really need it today? I think not. The Ugly: Big D is at the swap meet to sell his stuff because we need the money. People are less likely to go to a swap meet and bike show in the rain. It's cold out, too. However, it is Arizona, and some of these crazy folks actually like the rain! Let's hope those desert-dwellers that like British bikes also like the rain! Another thing on the plus side is the fact that The Steel Horse is a popular bar within the biker community. It's very well known and these shows are usually well-supported. I'm counting on it. I will try to post an update later on just how ugly it was. He does have a rare '65 BSA frame and motor to sell. I'm hoping that's the first thing to go. :) Update: The rain stopped for a short time, but it was still pretty nasty out. It's a good thing they brought the canopy with them. The day's take: $50. That's $50 we didn't have before. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. :)


Diane said...

Good luck!

"Joker" said...

Well it's bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky here...but colder than a witch's tit of course. They're talking freezing rain for tommorrow - joy!

I hope BigD does well at the meet and you get some dough. I wish we were all rich and hanging out together in some villa on St. Bart's right now. Winter sucks. Worrying about money sucks. Being a biker rules though, and that will get us through it all ok.

You'll be in my thoughts. (some more "ugly" for you!)

Kim Thomas said...

Good Luck, Big D!!!!

KFuj said...

Hope things go well for Big D!!

Andrea said...

Will keep my fingers crossed for y'all!!

Camron said...

Hi Ann, I hope everything went well at the meet . I've been reading a lot lately about some rare super car that someone found in a garage that was expected to auction for MILLIONS. Here's hoping the motorcycle version shows up in one of Big D's baskets!
hope you're having a great new Year.
Hey You know... Arizona was raining damn near border to border when I came through this summer. Is that a new trend for ya'all?
Take care,

Ann said...

Diane: Thanks, we'll need it.

Joker: Yeah, thanks for yet another reminder of why I don't live there anymore. St. Bart's would be sweet!

Being in your thoughts isn't ugly! Thank you!

Kim: Thank you!

KFuj: Thank you!

Andrea: Thank you!

Camron: Yeah, THAT would be nice!
You must have come through during our summer monsoons. What a crappy time. If rain is a new trend for us - I'm leaving! Sorry it rained on you!

Allen Madding said...

Here is hoping they all had cabin fever and had to get out and go somewhere so they all went to the swap meet :)


Dean "D-Day" said...

Wishing many sold parts for you and Big D. Wish I was in the area. I would love to have a bunch of those BSA and Trump parts!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Well, I'm too late to wish you good luck at the swap meet, but do hope it went well for ya!

Webster World said...

Hope he had a good day. Our Brit meet is in late Sep and it's always chilly. Had no rain the last 3. And maybe D did find an old Crocker Hemi in the bottom of an old box. If so I'll give him a couple Benjermens for it.

One Harley Rider said...

Hey $50 bucks is $50 bucks, nothing to sneeze at. Hope the weather clears out there, as for me in OhIo .... it's going to be a little while longer.

Paula said...

Wish it had gone better! Do you all do ebay auctions to sell stuff too?