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Saturday, January 17, 2009

101 Things About Me: 76-101

76. I'm coming up on my two-year bloggiversary. Wow...can't believe it's been that long. 77. My first post was funny and true and had nothing to do with motorcycles. 78. I LOVE to make people laugh. 79. I'm usually successful at it, too. (As evidenced by BB's comment on this post over at Dave's blog.) 80. I was in the chorus in high school, and sang a solo from Phantom of the Opera at Disney Village in Florida. 81. It's going to be 80°F here today. :) 82. I can't believe the Arizona Cardinals are in the playoffs. Traffic will suck tomorrow (we live 5 miles from the stadium). 83. I don't mind doing laundry, and I actually sort of like vacuuming, but I HATE dusting. And if you don't dust every week in the desert, it gets ugly pretty quick! 84. We have 33 books on motorcycles on our desk, but I know there's WAY more than that around here somewhere. 85. If I had a day free of responsibilities, I would steal Big D's bike and practice my turning. :) 86. When he reads that, he's going to be disturbed. 87. Fortunately for both of us, I never have a day free of responsibilites. 88. I have won the bad-boss lottery several times. My first bad boss fired me the day after I bought my first house. The last one presented my work as her own and took full credit for it. 89. I have a great boss, now. 90. There is much to be said for quality of life in your job. I took a $13K pay cut and that hurt, but when I get up in the morning my focus is getting to work, not thinking up ways to avoid going. 91. I talked to John Travolta on the phone when I was 10 or 11. Long story short: my cousin was a records executive and John was making an album. So my cousin Donny called me when he was with John, and put him on the phone. I screamed, then I talked, but don't remember what was said. 92. I think this was the album he was making. Was he hot, or what?! 93. I can remember going to Scusset Beach with my family and the water was so cold that me, Dad and my brother-in-law Ed were the only ones who would go in the water. And we had to run and dive, or we'd never get in. 94. When I was in my early 20's I went to the beach with my Dad a lot. We used to fill a cooler with some beer, and bring Pepsi cans to pour them into so we wouldn't get kicked off the beach. :) 95. I have a huge shot glass collection that I keep in a locked metal and glass Oakley sunglasses display case. 96. I also have a seashell collection from Cape Cod and Mexico, but it's not displayed yet. 97. Thursday night I laughed so hard that milk came out my nose. 98. I haven't done that in years. 99. I'm glad I decided to do these posts. 100. It's almost like a walk down memory lane. 101. I have to get ready to go ride now. :)


"Joker" said...

Your first post was a riot. Alternative: rinse it well so you don't get suds and let it go through a cycle in the top rack of your dishwasher!

78 & 79 - Me too!

81 - You @#%*!!!!

82 - Yeah, that bites. No way would I want to live near Gillette Stadium. What's cool though is I'm close enough to get there in about 20 minutes.

83 - Dusting SUCKS!

89 - You and me both. My last one was probably one of the worst of all time.

90 - I pray to put that into place when I go back to work again.

94 - I never really drank with my old man. He wasn't much of a drinker. I would have loved to though. That's one bond we never had.

101 - Refer to 81.

B.B. said...

This list was so great, that I don't even think I can comment on all the things I want to.
But I read your first post and it was funny! Also #80...I'm impressed. I always wished I could sing, and if you sang any song from Phantom then you must be good! I'm glad we did these lists too!

Ann said...

Joker: I am assuming you mean the quality of life issue and not the huge paycut in reference to #90.

BB: I WAS good. Not so much anymore, though. Years of smoking have totally killed my voice. :)

Mastercheif said...

Good stuff. My current boss sucks! I had a boss at Tower Records that was the best you could wish for . I would have worked for him for nothing if I could afford to. Hope your ride was good

Paula said...

I have really enjoyed your lists! Feel like I know you more!

ps--microwaved sponge story is tooooo funny!

Lady Ridesalot said...

I went and read your first post too. Way funny! I loved the line.. "next time you want to be Mr. Clean, we have to shave your head first." I'd like to see Big D agree to THAT! Something tells me never!

As far as #83 goes, you may be running a fever. That's just sick! LOL!

And last but not least, what happened Thursday? (#97) Inquiring minds want to know!

Queen B said...

I'm glad you did this series, too :)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Holy Shit! 2 Years! Your are a veteran as far as I'm concerned.