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Monday, July 27, 2009

Too Broke - Chapter 1

Thursday night included a lot of running around, packing, visiting friends and waiting for the mechanic to finish Big D's bike. We picked up the bike around midnight. Yep, and KSU time was 6:30 a.m. After picking up Big D's bike in New River, we had to go home, which is 35 miles away. Not a bad ride in normal conditions. However these were not normal conditions. About a mile or two after we hit the freeway, a HUGE dust storm attacked. I was behind Big D in the Buick, and it looked like he was riding sideways. The rain drops were like mini-water balloons, seriously...I've never seen anything like it. One rain drop soaked half my windshield! Then I saw Big D nearly taken out by a random piece of flying debris. It came VERY close to his head. We finally made it home, and Big D was set to put on our new Mustang seat that he bought from Craigslist that day. Apparently, a Wide-Glide Dyna seat doesn't fit a regular Dyna. Never fear, Big D had an idea. He put on this Badlander seat he had in the garage. Hmmmm...this was not good. This was equivalent to riding on the bare fender for me. Big D thought it would be helpful because it had softer edges than the other seat we had. Not so much. My ass still hurts and we've been back for more than 24 hours. Time to find a new seat. Riding up to Mormon Lake on Friday morning was incredible! Once we got out of the valley and the heat, it was a gorgeous ride. We stopped in Pine at the Sidewinder for bloody marys and in Happy Jack for lunch. After eating a great lunch, we walked outside to get ready to roll to Mormon Lake, when we saw a terrible accident. A bike was turning right into the Happy Jack campground (where we were) and the bike behind him smacked right into him. I don't think he ever hit his brakes. We just heard a loud crash. Biker #1, who was hit from behind was ok. Biker #2 (Billy), who did the hitting, wasn't. He was conscious, but he was air-lifted out to an area hospital. It just so happened that one of Billy's friends was in our group. We got an update on Saturday that Billy was in ICU with 4 cracked ribs and a punctured lung, and was having a tough time. Prayers for Billy, please. So, after we knew the accident scene was being handled and we were no longer needed, we got back on the road to get our campsite secured. It's first-come, first-served at Too Broke. Once we started getting set up at camp, the beer started flowing. We walked around, checked out the vendors and drank. This is when I realized that the front door of our tent was set up on top of an ant hill. Uh-oh. I grabbed my Deep Woods Off and began spraying. After killing most of the ants, I sprayed the Off in a big semi-circle to make a perimeter around our tent opening. That kept the ants away all weekend! Big D and I went to dinner at the Mormon Lake Lodge restaurant on Friday night, where I had my very first Buffalo Burger. It was AWESOME!! I wanted another one before we left, but it didn't work out. After dinner, we hit the general store for some necessities, and headed back to camp. We were just in time for the Miss Too Broke contest! It was nice to see a 'real' woman win the contest instead of some skinny little bitch with fake boobs. Congrats to Joann for winning! Linda and Raven from our group both entered the contest, but it wasn't in the cards for them this year. Better luck in 2010. :) After the Miss Too Broke contest, things get a little fuzzy for me. Big D took pics of the tattoo contest. There was a band. I think they were good. I remember the guy with the Boob-O-Meter. And the beads, too. :) I'm not sure I recall getting back to our tent Friday night, but I know I woke up there, and my boots were off, so I was good! Thanks to the good folks of the CMA that camped right next to us. They were up at the crack of dawn making breakfast burritos and serving coffee to anyone who wanted it! They can camp next to me ANYTIME!!! More memories and a great slideshow in the next post. I will say that I don't recall much of Saturday night, but the day was fun! That's the problem when you start drinking at 10:30 a.m.


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Sorry about Billy, sorry about the seat, but mostly sorry about missing out on the fun.

Sounds like it was agreat time and looking forward to the pictures.

mq01 said...

yup, beer-thirty can bite hard ;)
prayers for billy, i wonder what the hell happened? did he zone out?
awesome neighbors, yumm!! glad you got out and played!!

Queen B said...


FLHX_Dave said...

I'm sitting here stewing a bit. Beware! We are assualting your town again.

Sorry about Billy, that just sucks. "Skinny little bitch with fake ass boobs."....LOL! Why? I have no idea but it just made me laugh. CMA are always good company to have. It's a mistake to assume those boys are pussies.

Looking forward to more!!

Willy D said...

Hell of a way to start a weekend. Witnessing a wreck. Hope he recovers soon.

A buffalo burger? Isn’t that the same thing Dave had at the trading post? Oh wait. That was a buffalo boner!
So what was the problem with the Dyna?
There are ants in Arizona?

Lady Ridesalot said...

Sounds like the weekend was a blast. It's nice to have neighbors like you did. Breakfast burritos and coffee... life savers. Especially after a long day of beer drinking. You sound like we do when we're at rallies... 10:00 a.m... is it too early to start??? LOL!

Glad to hear you were able to tame the ants. They can sure be pests. (duh!)LOL!

Looking forward to the slide show and pics. Bring it sista!!

Baron's Life said...

Prayers for Billy...what a scary way to start the trip...hopefully no more harm will come in anybody's way.
Good stuff looking forward to the rest and some pictures of course...Hopefully your ass won't be too sore on the ride....!

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Sounds like once you got to where you were going you had a blast! Can't wait for the pictures!!!!

Big Prayers go out to Billy!