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Friday, May 25, 2007

Funniest Damned Dream Ever!!!

One of our friends, who I will call 'Dreamer' to protect the innocent, told us about a very funny dream he had some years ago. It went like this: "We used to have a waterbed with shelves on the headboard. We had just put a phone on that shelf so we didn't have to run downstairs to get the phone in the middle of the night. One night the phone started to ring as I was dreaming. The ringing of the phone fit perfectly into my dream. I was dreaming that I had this new kind of alarm clock and the alarm was ringing. The only way to shut off the alarm was to pick it up (like a phone) and growl into it. (At this point, 'Dreamer' gives us a demonstration.) I picked up the phone and grrrroooowwwled into it and hung up. A few minutes later, the phone woke me up and the person said, "Did I just call you a minute ago?" and I said, "Nope." Now, I need to make a few observations about this dream: 1. I can picture this happening to me, but the caller would be my mother, and she would either a: know my growl - so I couldn't say it wasn't me or b: think I was having wild monkey sex and answered the phone (I would not answer the phone!) 2. I wish I could reveal identities on my blog so everyone could understand how very funny it is that this came from 'Dreamer'! I usually don't recall my dreams, but I do sleepwalk a lot, which is how this subject came up. I was going through a rather difficult time and I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard what I thought was the telephone. I walked downstairs to the spare bedroom, and picked up the alarm clock like a telephone and started yelling, "Hello" into the alarm clock. Daryl woke up and came downstairs looking for me. He shut off the alarm clock (no growling was necessary, just the push of a button!) and put me back to bed.

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