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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vicki's End of the Year Concert and an Apology

Last night we witnessed 60 3rd graders singing "It's a Small World" and I couldn't help thinking of my Mom. Mom loves that song. I can remember being on the ride at DisneyWorld with her and Dad, and she wanted to ride it again and Dad said, "No way!" (The ride is about 15 minutes long, and the song plays throughout the entire ride!) Anyway, back on topic, it was Vicki's end of the year concert at school. They sang Boil Them Cabbage Down which is an old American folk song, You're a Grand Old Flag, and Take Me Out to the Ball Game. We got there a bit early and sat through the 2nd graders last two songs. While waiting for the 3rd graders to get on stage, me and Big D were talking and it went something like this: Big D: Are you crying? Me: No, my eyes are damp. Big D: You're a mess (laughs). Me: If I get teary-eyed at our 9 year-old's school concert, can you imagine me at Rex's wedding next month? Big D: Oh, boy. Well, the woman in front of us heard me say I had a 9-year-old and she did, too. So we were talking, and it turns out that this woman was the mother of the little girl who's been terrorizing my daughter in school. There was an incident just yesterday, and Vicki was taken to the office to start a harrassment report. Apparently, the mother knew none of this and asked us to stay after the concert was over so her daughter, Brianna could apologize to Vicki. The woman felt terrible, and she was really embarassed. So after the concert, we were to meet the kids back at their classroom. Big D and I walked with Brianna's Mom (I don't recall her name), and she made Brianna apologize to Vicki. It looked to me like Brianna could use a good beating, but what do I know? Brianna apologized while looking at her mother with laser rays coming out of her eyes. She was NOT happy. Her mother said that she gets picked on at the apartment complex where they live, and she couldn't believe that she would pick on someone else knowing how it feels. After that we went our separate ways, talked to Vicki's teacher for a few minutes and went home. It was a nice concert.

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