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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Time To Award Great Blogs!

Some of you may have noticed that I recently added the Llamalicious Blogger Award to my sidebar. This was bestowed upon me by none other than one of my favorite bloggers, Simply Curious Girl.

Now it's my turn to pass the award on to blogs that I feel are deserving! I think these blogs are exciting and funny...and sometimes I learn new things when reading them! All I ask is that you pass this award onto others that you feel are deserving of it. And the winners are (drumroll, please):

Now, add your award to your sidebar and show it off with pride!


Jenn Ann said...

Such an honor!

Shannon said...

Gee thanks! And I got the link for 15 minute lunch, from going to his page and copying the web address. It was a random page that came up.

Veronnica said...

Awww thanks - even though I've been slackin' lately!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

You like me, you really like me!!

Kim Thomas said...

Yeah!!!!! My first blog award!