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Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Friends Marty & Amy

Our first friends in Arizona were our next door neighbors, Marty & Amy. Even though we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies when we got here (yes, really), we ended up being the best of friends.

Marty & Amy relocated to Texas a while back because of Amy's job. We really miss them dearly, and hope to visit them sometime next year. Marty sent me this picture of them on their new bike in Texas. I love the pic. They look so happy. We miss you guys!


1marty1 said...

They got to be THE coolest looking couple on the planet! By the way the planet is indeed flat because we almost fell of the edge on our way to TEXAS. See Y'all Marty and the Boss lady

Simply Curious said...

Coolest next to you two, of course.

Ann said...

Marty: that wasn't the edge of the planet...just the freeway! Slow down on the rum & cokes my friend!

S - well said, and you couldn't be more right!