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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ALS Walk Update

Friday and Saturday were very emotionally charged days for me. Friday was the 3-year-anniversary of my Dad's passing, and Saturday was the ALS walk. The walk was great, even though it was chilly. Thanks to everyone who supported me in the walk - it really means a lot to me.


Mike said...

Congratulations on completing your walk Ann. Be thankful they didn't have that here in Michigan. I think the high temperature was something like 5 degrees on Saturday.

Ann said...

Thanks, Mike! Yeah, it was cold here, for Phoenix, but 5 degrees would have been unbearable!

I think the ALS walk in Michigan is held in the spring or summer.

Kim Thomas said...

Congratulations on the walk. I am sure it was quite emotional but your father would be proud of all you are doing!

Queen B said...

Congrats, Ann! The HCBC was thinking about you and sending supporting thoughts your way all day.

Teri said...

This is quite the impressive. Very good job!