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Friday, January 4, 2008

Wondering What The Weekend Will Bring

This weekend, Vicki is going up to Williams to play in the snow with my girlfriend and her kids. She is leaving today and coming back on Sunday. We got her some new snow boots last night, and she is very excited. Big D and I are also excited! :o) A weekend without a child at home is a rare jewel, indeed. I believe we're going out to dinner tonight, with our Olive Garden gift card from Sam and Rodrigo. Tomorrow, we're going to head out to the grand re-opening of Western Trails Ranch in Morristown. I'm so happy they decided ot re-open..this place is a lot of fun! I hope the weather holds, because we'll be on the bike. (and I will be wearing my hot new chaps!) Sunday will be dedicated to cleaning, doing laundry and preparing for Vicki's first day back to school after winter break. I will need the entire day for this. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Veronnica said...

Hope you have a great weekend without the kiddo and get to have lots of adult fun time! You're gonna look hot in those chaps too! Love Ya!

Mike said...

Well your weekend sounds a whole lot better than mine. I got nothing planned. My wife has to work all weekend, so maybe I will just get a little R&R in.

Kim Thomas said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend! Hope it was as good as it sounds.

Ann said...

V: The weekend was great and I did look hot in the chaps!

Mike: My weekend was fantastic, but I do love those weekends when we just stay in and rest, too.

Kim: It was better than it sounded!