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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vicki's Room: The Cleaning

Over the weekend, I helped Vicki clean and organize her bedroom. I agreed to do this because it was a complete disaster area (see BEFORE pic) and I told her that if I helped her do it, she would be required to keep it clean going forward. So far, she's kept up her end of the bargain. We'll see what this weekend brings.

It took two large trash bags to get rid of all the accumulated crap, but we did it. Some random things I found, that I didn't realize were missing:
  • a saucepan (still don't know how it ended up in her room)
  • several spoons, small plates, and cups
  • 7 pairs of socks - some of them brand new (these were found in the toy box)
  • 3 bath towels, 2 wash cloths, and 2 hand towels (also in the toy box)
If this were like spam, Vicki would be a wet (or very dry) sockless person who is ready to cook and serve tea and soup! :o)


Queen B said...

LOL! Very nice improvement!

Mike said...

Oh Ann that is not bad. You should see my son's room. He's just a few weeks of being 18 and just a few months shy of moving out and going to college.

My wife and I talked about it and we agreed. We are just going to wait until he goes away to college before we even attempt to clean it. We may have to hire professionals.

Ann said...

Mike, I agree, if he's 18, there's probably no teaching him now. It's too late. However, Vicki is 9, and I was trying to teach her how nice it is to be able to play/sleep/watch TV in a clean room. I think it's working, too!

Veronnica said...

Ummm... can you come over and help me with a little man named Brandon? It's bad! No matter how many times I clean it, it goes right back to being a mess! I can sympathize with the clothes in the toy box too!

Shannon said...

Hey! There was a bed under there!! And a desk too! I also see the wall decor changed too. Good job...How's she doing taking care of the necklace she got for Christmas?