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Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Quest For Shoes Continues...

Last night we picked up Vicki's altered flower-girl dress. She looks like an angel in it. I keep asking her where she put her halo! On the way out of David's Bridal, she points out a rhinestone-studded tiara and asks, "Mommy, can I wear that for the wedding?" (This kids thinks she's the bride!!) I told her when she gets married, she can buy whatever she wants! ;o) So after leaving David's we trekked over to the mall. First stop: Dillard's. I found these great silver shoes with rhinestones and fell in love with them. Price: $79. Do I really want to spend $79 on a pair of shoes that I will most likey never wear again? Not so much! Although, they still are a contender! On to the next store: Some crazy store (I can't remember the name). These two girls were working at this store, one bleach-blonde and one with black hair; both were rail-thin. Blondie was trying on shoes and had these tiny little shorts on (I thought she was a customer!). Blackie had a bit more material on, and was trying to help me. Apparently this store's target customer was the younger, hipper crowd, but they had some great shoes, so I didn't care. Well, only 1 pair fit and felt good, and the price was great: $36, but there was one small problem: a 4 inch heel. For those of you that know Big D: nuff said. For the rest of you: he is 1 inch shorter than me to begin with. I can't possibly pull off wearing 4 inch heels AND have formal pictures taken while standing next to him. He wouldn't care, but I would. So, I said thank you to Blackie, told Blondie to get some clothes on and went on to the next store. Sears had one style of silver shoes, and it was horrible. They had some nice shoes for Vicki, but none in her size (naturally). Baker's had some nice ones, but most of them had the Playboy Bunny logo on them, which wouldn't really be an issue, but the logo means 4-5 inch heels. No-go. Now I was getting tired at this point. So was Vicki. We walked into Macy's shoe department and Vicki sat down and waited for me. This is how I knew she was tired; usually she is walking around looking at all the shoes and trying to pick some out for me. I tried on about 4 pairs at Macy's that I would've had to take out a bank loan for, hated them all and went home very disappointed. Yes, disappointed but not yet broken. Tonight I will conquer Kohl's. I looked online and found some cute shoes, thanks to V! Hopefully I can find shoes for me tonight. If not, it will be a long weekend for me, and those $79 shoes at Dillards will look better with every store I visit!!

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