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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TSA Idiots - Definitely A Special Breed

Recently, a friend of mine mentioned that the idiots at the TSA can provide fodder for any blog. I was skeptical until we traveled to Ralleigh Durham from Phoenix. I can tell you that Phoenix was much more enjoyable than our east coast destination as far as the TSA was concerned. Phoenix
  • They appeared to know what they were doing
  • Removing the shoes is usually a hassle, but I was prepared and wearing only flip-flops!
  • In general, most idiots just smile, but TSA idiots are a special breed who NEVER smile
  • As I mentioned, they appeared to know what they were doing, but then I got through the checkpoint with two cigarette lighters in my purse

Ralleigh Durham

  • They, too are a special breed of idiot - I wonder if they are trained NOT to smile at you
  • I knew we were in trouble when one of them started giving Big D the ol' fisheye
  • Big D was wearing his leather vest over a Harley t-shirt, and snakeskin boots - he looks like a typical American biker
  • I think one of the patches on his vest personally offended the TSA idiot, hence the ol' fisheye
  • As we moved up in line, I pushed Vicki forward so we looked like we weren't with Big D (I know, it's mean, and I had to wait for him anyway)
  • Vicki and I got through without issue
  • And once again, I had a cigarette lighter in my purse
  • Once I got through the metal detector and picked up my purse and carryon, I heard, "Bag check!" I knew this was for Big D.
  • They went through all the pockets in his vest, through his wallet, used their magic wand on all of that plus his boots, and then ran it all through the conveyer again
  • They found Big D's lighter, took it away and asked if he knew lighters were not allowed through the checkpoint - his answer, "I must have forgotten", didn't fly
  • Said TSA idiot read him the riot act and admonished him like he was a small child
  • At this point I told the TSA idiot that I would appreciate it if he didn't treat my husband as he would a red-headed stepchild (he was surprised to find out that I was Big D's wife)
  • TSA idiot was dumb-founded and didn't say another word
  • We walked away without incident

How's that for blog fodder? Can you believe it?

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Veronnica said...

Somehow that doesn't surprise me! Also, the no-smiling thing must be something they are taught! You feel like if you smile, you're making light of any security situation and then you're being whisked off to be hand-frisked!