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Monday, July 2, 2007

Things I Like About Arizona

About 7 years ago, when we were preparing to move to Arizona from Boston, a lot of people asked me, "Why would you want to live in Arizona? Isn't it really hot there?" Well, yes, it is really hot here, but only for a few months out of the year. Here is my list of things I like about Arizona:
  1. No snow in Phoenix
  2. Very little rainfall
  3. No helmet law for motorcyclists
  4. Two words: Sheriff Joe!
  5. New friends we have made here
  6. Did I mention no snow??
  7. The winters are SO nice!!
  8. I would rather have 3 months of really hot crappy weather instead of having 6 or 7 months of really cold crappy weather (in MA)!
  9. No in-laws here, either!
  10. In one day I can go to the mountains, the lakes, the forest and the desert - and remain in Arizona the whole time! How cool is that?

On the downside, I do miss my family. I wish they would visit more. And I miss the beach, and at times the pain is unbearable. But, that's what vacations are for. As long as I have my pool I'm ok!

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