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Friday, July 6, 2007

Birthday Shout-Out To My Boy Rexxy!!

Rex is 24 today!!! Wooo-hoooo! He's also recovering from the surgery he had on his foot yesterday, so probably not so much partying tonight. Here are a few things you may not know about Rex:
  • Yes, Rex is his REAL name (and me and Vicki call him Rexxy)
  • When he's embarrassed, his ears get bright red, then his face and neck follow suit
  • He sometimes tries to act like he doesn't care - but he does
  • He's a nicer, sweeter person than he likes to let on
  • He just recently got married
  • He's in the U.S. Navy, along with his beautiful wife, and his little sister
  • He has been stung by a scorpion, but I won't blog about where! ;o)
  • He was a great kid, and now he's a wonderful young man
  • He has ALWAYS kept us laughing!
  • Me and Big D are SO PROUD of him!

The first thing people usually say when I tell them I have a son named 'Rex' is, "Oh, I had a dog named Rex once." Then they realize I'm not kidding; that's really his name!

We love you Rexxy! Hope you're feeling better - don't take too many pain pills, ok? Happy, happy birthday!

Rex - Notice how there were no pictures posted on this blog? There was the one of you from years ago on Sam's pink bicycle, but I can't find it!!! DAMN!!!

Much Love,

Ann & Dad

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Veronnica said...

Its a great day for birthdays! Happy Happy Birthday Rex!