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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vacation Injury

If you read my blog on 6/20, http://annnelson.blogspot.com/2007/06/end-of-great-vacation.html, you'll notice that I mentioned Ft. Storey Beach in VA. The beach was fabulous; dolphins were swimming very close to shore, and even came inside the swimming area. There were beautiful pelicans everywhere, it was just perfect to me. And, as an added bonus, Dad was stationed there during the 50's when he was in the Army. How cool is that? What I didn't mention is how I injured myself at that beach. I was not as limber as I thought I would be and attempted to swim in a semi-strong current. Something happened to my left shoulder as I was swimming, so I had to pretty much tread water all the way back to shore. Funny? Not so much. Fast forward to today, almost a month later. I'm seeking medical help for my shoulder as I have tried heat, ice, ibuprofen, aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve, PainZone, BenGay, Theragesic and other therapies. Nothing has worked. The aspirin takes the edge off, but that's it. The stuff that you apply directly to the affected area has done nothing at all, except I think I may have a small chemical burn from that stuff! So, today I will call my doctor and admit defeat. I hope I didn't do any permanent damage. I've never felt quite like this before. It even hurts to drive my car! And forget about sleeping on my left side; impossible!! Once I see the doc, I will post an update on my condition. Have a nice day!


Veronnica said...

No Surfing For You! :) Seriously, I hope it heals quickly and without the need for anything major! Love Ya!

Kim Thomas said...

This sucks! Nothing is worse than a bad injury.

Ann said...

V - There will not be anything major, I can almost guarantee it!
Kim - You are so right! And try typing in a frickin' sling!!!

Kim Thomas said...

Typing in a sling.....UGH, you should have the desktop support guys set up voice recognition for you :)

Ruth Anne said...

Nothing is worse than a bad injury, especially one that happens when you are trying to have fun. And yes, I am here because of Kim's blog.