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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Today is MRI day for me! Woo-hoo! Yeah, I know: I'm a little off to be so excited about a damned MRI! But I'm in a lot of pain, here! At first, I was totally against surgical options. And to be truthful, it's still not my first choice. But, if it's going to relieve this pain quickly...I'll take it! I didn't think I'd ever feel that way, but I do. I can only take so much! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


Ruth Anne said...

I hope its helpful. Unfortunately, sometimes you want them to find something, so you know what to fix.

However, I had an MRI 2 months ago that found a stress fracture, so I just have to wait until it gets better.

Dang patience!

Ann said...

Yeah, I'm short on patience right now with this kind of pain.

I hope your fracture heals quickly, Ruth!