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Monday, July 9, 2007

More Randomness

OK, I tried watching Big Brother 8...I hated it. I don't see what everyone is getting all worked-up about! Maybe I'm just too old, or maybe the show really sucks! Let me tell you, when the A/C goes out at work, it's EXTREMELY uncomfortable!! I think they had it fixed by 1:00, but it was 106 today, and it took a long time for the building to start cooling off. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be back to normal. I never thought I'd be fantasizing about going back to freezing to death at work! I put in a bid on a great pair of shoes on ebay tonight. Hopefully, I'll win the bid. I hope I didn't just jinx it by blogging about them! No word from Sammy, yet, and now she's out to sea. That will be Friday's blog. Spent Sunday at Stacy's house, sitting by the pool, watching the kids. Thanks for the laughs, Stacy! Don't forget about Friday night, ok?? My Mom finally bought a condo! She signs papers on the 27th. It looks really nice. The condos used to be apartments known as "the ghetto" in the town where I grew up. The description on the website has a blurb about "catching the latest buzz at the community information board..." I cannot picture my mother hanging out at the info. board!!! But, anyway, I'm glad it's not the ghetto anymore. The condos look beautiful. If you want to see them, email me for the link. Well, I guess that's all the randomness I have today. I hope everyone had a great Monday. Now, I'm going to watch Dream Girls. I'll review it tomorrow.


Veronnica said...

Reality TV sucks! Good Luck on the shoes! Sweltering at the office sounds familiar (Exponent?)! Sam, Sam, Sam... Can't wait til Friday! Whooohooo to mom on the condo - I bet she's excited! The info board just might be fun for her though! :)

Kim Thomas said...

Well, heres to at least trying Big Brother. Sorry you hated it!!

As far as the air conditioning being out, I think we should have sent as many people as possible home.

Ann said...

Kim: i couldn't agree more.