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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Why Some Ex-Husbands Are Ex's

Just today my BFF Cyndi sent me a link to check out some photos of her daughter. The only problem: it was a link to check out ALL the photos of her ex's wedding to his new bride! Yes, classless. The photos are on pictage.com and Cyndi sent me the link, so after some technical difficulties, and having to sign up for an account to view them, I saw all the pics. (I hate that you have to sign up for an account just to view pics!) I finally saw the pics, and here were my observations:
  1. First and foremost, Talia is beautiful. (Cyn's daughter)
  2. Robin looks old and ugly. (the bride)
  3. Her dress looks like a dirty dish-rag. (true)
  4. Dave looks old. (the ex)
  5. Dave looks like a DORK (honestly!)
  6. She has absolutely no class sending you the link for all of these when she could have simply emailed you the ones with Talia in them.
  7. Cheesecake at a wedding is, well, cheesy! (can you believe they had cheesecake?)

Now as I viewed the pics, I noticed that next to each one there is a button marked "Email this photo". She could have simply clicked on that button next to the ones with Talia in them and sent those to Cyndi, rather than send the whole album.

Sometimes I wonder how these stupid people have survived as long as they have. Do people just figure that they're too stupid to have any tact at all? I'm outraged by the sending of the link...who the hell wants to see all of her ex-husband's wedding photos? My advice to Cyndi: I know you have to deal with them all the time, and play nice in front of Talia, but when she's not within earshot, you DO NOT have to play nice. But, you don't want to waste a lot of energy on an old woman and her dorky husband, either! LOL!

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Veronnica said...

Ummmm OK, so when Sonny and Bridgette get married, I'll be sure to send you all their cheesy photographs so you can see our cutie son! LOL! The last thing I wanna do is look at their wedding photos anyway!! BTW, does she READ this blog?? LOL!!!

P.S. What's the blog I've been waiting for??? Ooooh can't wait!!!!