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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Calling All Morons To Grand Avenue!

Today's A.M. Grand Avenue Shuffle was extraordinarily exciting! First, my car started running very hot, almost overheating, but I caught it in time. So, it was 96° outside, and I had to run my heater! Imagine this: you're in Arizona, it's August, it's 96° at 7:30 a.m., you have your car heater running at full blast, and when you hang your arm out the window to get a breeze, it actually feels cool! In addition to my vehicular issues, it seemed that every moron with a vehicle from the West valley was magically drawn to Grand Avenue this morning! Had I known the Moron-Memo went out, I would have avoided Grand Avenue altogether! So, I'm trying to avoid having my car overheat, and I get stuck behind every fool that's driving 30 mph for no reason, happens to be a "Brakelight Charlie", or other equally foolish things; you get the picture. Then there's the added challenge of the trains! If you're in the right-hand lane at the wrong time, you WILL be delayed by the train. I cannot tell you how lucky I was to remember this point, and stay in the other two lanes! However, limiting myself to only two lanes, I had to tangle with the morons even more than I usually would. I did make it to work without incident. My car did not overheat, but I think I may have. I'm calling the shop as soon as they open this morning. This will not do!


Veronnica said...

No kidding... what the hell is up with this heat? Bummer about the car overheating, get it fixed quick, there is no relief on the horizon for our heat! At least when you put your new sticker on, you'll have a little fun with the tailgatin' morons on Grand! Stay Cool Sista!

Big Daddy said...

yeah. But at least you got anther kiss from Daddy. so it wasn't all bad.

Ann said...

No, it wasn't all bad. I got to see BigD, which I ususally don't until dinner time!